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First Ultrasound

We went to the doctor for (what we thought) was our eight-week checkup, however, upon conducting the ultrasound, discovered that by the measurement of the baby, Becca was only seven weeks along. So, that changed the due date to October 23 (still no home game until 11/4/06!). Baby Jones (aka “Baby J”, “Little Bean”) was 11mm and had a heartbeat of 160bpm (completely normal). It was very cool to see this tiny little thing on the monitor with a small little heartbeat. We both smiled from ear to ear! Becca asked the doctor if we could videotape the ultrasound, and to our dismay, he said, “no.” We found that odd considering a friend of ours videotaped her ultrasound just the day before. Oh well. We returned to the doctor’s office for a brief discussion and he told us that we can always use our own camera to videotape, but that they didn’t have the capability to record it with their machines! UGH! Oh well, a lesson in communication. Then, he told us that there was only one baby in there. DUH! We didn’t even think to ask that! So, we left that appointment feeling very happy. Because Becca has been eating a bit healthier, she has actually lost some weight, but has found that her weight has been relocating to her belly!

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