2007,  Brayden,  February

Brayden is Four-Month’s Old!

In the past month, Brayden has begun squealing and she smiles much more often now. Her hands are even more tasty these days and are sometimes even chapped because she sucks on them so much! Brayden has found a couple of toys that are her favorite (they are the ones that make the krinkly sounds) and although she can’t roll over yet, she can kick herself over to one side, so we are anxiously awaiting the day she does roll over. At her four-month checkup, she weighed 12 lbs. 9 oz. (26th percentile) and was 23″ long (10th percentile). So, since she is so small, we are calling her “shortay.” We took a video of her “talking” and have posted more pictures as well.

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