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Brayden is Three!

October has been a very exciting month with visits from lots of family and friends. We kicked it off with a beach trip with the Mazzolas and Lowes. I enjoyed dinner with my friends from grad school, we attended Trent’s coworker’s wedding and more kid birthday parties, toured the Parade of Homes, Brayden’s swim class wrapped up and she began tumbling again at MyGym, and I had a work trip to SC. However, the highlight of the month was Brayden’s 3rd birthday! We cannot believe our little angel is growing up so fast. We are constantly in awe of the “big girl” things she says, her mannerisms, and even the little intricacies of her personality that remind us of our own little quirks. She has us laughing all the time with both the silly and clever things she says. These three years have flown by and it’s incomprehensible how much love there is for this little person. She is our everything. 

While our month was busy (as usual), Indiana Jones continued to foray into seeking out drama on her adventures: she got bit by a Copperhead snake in our backyard. Peapod and Indi were out there barking, so my mom called them in. Indi came running inside and Peapod continued to yip at what Mom thought was a pile of leaves. Upon closer examination, she saw the snake and then decided to get all “Crocodile Hunter” and shuffled it into a Tupperware container. Mom, you are either crazy or brave (I think both). We immediately rushed Indi (and the snake) to the vet where they gave her shots of Benadryl and Cortisone and sent her home with some heavy meds. Her poor face and neck was so swollen and I kept asking mom if Indi was breathing on the way there (eyes were rolled back, etc.). Venomous Snake Lesson of the Day: Apparently, the snake was a baby and they have no way to control their venom so they release it all during each bite. Grown snakes can regulate the amount of venom released. Also, all venomous snakes have vertical pupils (yeah, but how close do you have to be to see that? No thank you.) You learn something new each day, right? 

Grandma Jones, Nana, Aunt Patty, Uncle Kyle, and Aunt Erin all came in town for Miss B’s party and we had a wonderful time bouncing at Pump it Up. She was surrounded by 26 adults, 14 kids, and had an absolute blast. If you haven’t been to one of these “bouncy houses”, definitely go. They will bring out the kid at heart in any adult! Miss B received lots of wonderful gifts such as dress-up clothes, an easel, and many educational books to help her learn how to write. Thanks to everyone who could make it. Brayden officially turned three on October 17 and we had her yearly checkup shortly afterward. Here are her stats: 29.4 lbs. (25%) and 37.5“ tall (50%).

In preparation for Halloween, we carved pumpkins one afternoon. Lesson learned: if you carve a pumpkin two weeks before Halloween, no matter how much time you spend channeling your inner Monet or Matisse, your creation will soon turn into an unrecognizable embarrassment on your front porch by the time trick-or-treaters knock on your door. Next year the carving will commence perhaps at the most two days before: no more, no less. 

Grandpa and Grandma Hall came to visit as well and took us all to the State Fair where we sampled all the healthy treats it has to offer (fried Twinkies, corn dogs, etc.). Brayden was hesitant to try the rides, but eventually found her place on a few that she repeatedly rode. She even went on one ride that looked like it slowly rocked front and back, but once Trent and she got on, it went up high in the air. We were all laughing hysterically because the ride was much more scary than we thought (at least for a three-year old). Later on, I was sitting with Brayden and she pointed to the ride and said (in a very snappy voice), “I don’t WANT to go on that ride!!!” I told her that she already did and she kept saying it. It was too funny. 

That same weekend, the three of us ran the March of Dimes 5k (we took turns pushing B in her stroller). It was great weather (just cool enough) and we needed that exercise after all the grubbing between the parties and football games, plus we were supporting a great cause! We wrapped that afternoon up with a birthday party and then a Halloween party at the Mazzola’s house where we painted pumpkins, watched football, and ate pizza. Talk about the perfect fall day! 

Trent’s Dad came up for a few days (we pulled him out of retirement) to help tile our guest bathroom floor. He and Trent did a wonderful job and were sore from all the hard work. The next project is our bathroom. We both visited Brayden at school for her Halloween party, too. 

For Halloween, Miss B was a fairy princess ballerina (is that a real thing?). She had a blast that evening and demanded that we not walk up to the door with her. She would say, “Now, you stand right there and don’t go past that line.” Upon ringing the doorbell, she would say, “Trick or treating!” It was so cute. 

Here is a list of the ridiculously sweet things Miss B said this month:

  • Mom: “Love you, Lovey.” Brayden: “Love you, Skeeter.” (when tucking her in bed each night)
  • “I’m a good looker.” (in picking out stuffed animals)
  • “Don’t clean up my stuff. Clean up mommy stuff.”
  • Maga Noodle (aka Magna Doodle)
  • Skethasoap (aka stethoscope)
  • Blownt (aka blimp)

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  • Alison

    Miss B is sooooooo cute, I say this every month after reading your blog. I miss you guys so much!! Hugs and kisses to the entire family! 🙂

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