2010,  Brayden

Dear Brayden

Words cannot express how much these past four years have impacted our lives. Never before did we know what it was like to experience our hearts beating outside of our bodies. You have come into our lives and blessed us in a way that was incomprehensible before you were even a twinkle in our eyes. No matter how many people tell parents-to-be how much you will love your child, you never understand what they mean until you greet that sweet baby for the first time. That’s exactly what happened to us. The smell of your sweet breath, feel of your baby soft skin, and sound of your pitch-perfect voice brings smiles to our faces every day. We treasure every moment we have with you, no matter what. And even though you’ve outgrown those little onesies, your crib, rattles, and baby food, you will always be our angel who has graced us and brought so many things into perspective. Before you came along, a hard day at work may have consumed us, but now, it doesn’t matter how difficult the day has been…when we see your smiling face, any troubles are immediately washed away. And now, you are nearly four-years old, full of personality and sass, and have us in awe nearly every day of the ingenious things you say and do. We see ourselves in you and couldn’t be more proud of the person you are becoming. And even though that soft baby skin has an occasional bruise or scrape from your daily adventures, each of those things are memories being created and funny stories to tell later on when you are all grown up (according to you, that’s when you are 10).

All of this to say that, shortly, our family will be greeted by your baby sister. We will begin the process again of sleepless nights, loads of laundry consisting of 300 tiny items that you will likely mistake as clothes for Shannon (your babydoll), poopy diapers, and spit-up. And, although it may seem like every second will revolve around our new arrival, this will not be the case because Mommy and Daddy will be diligent in making sure you know you are extremely loved and dedicate one-on-one time with you. We also know we have an amazing helper in you. You have been talking about your baby sister since you learned of her impending birth and all the things you will do together, the TV shows she likes, and how she enjoys buying dresses at Target. Am I naïve enough to think there won’t be jealousy? Of course not. What I do know is that today you squeeze my belly in anticipation of meeting your little sister and soon that anticipation will become a reality. We love you with all that we have and will do so forever.

Brayden, get ready to meet your best friend for the rest of your life.

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  • Meredith

    I just want to tell you that I read this twice (once when first posted and then tonight when I was “hunting” Hanleigh pictures!) and both times made me tear up. This is an amazing thing you have written and something Brayden will treasure forever.

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