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Running, Report Cards, and Riding Tubes

We finished up the kids’ gym classes and are taking a break from them this session as we have some traveling to do in the coming months. We also want to make sure we are placing them in the appropriate gym class and not some disorganized free for all, as some of the sessions seemed to be. Our neighbors threw a great super bowl party so we were able to meet even more of our awesome neighbors…what a great place to live!!! Trent and Brayden attended a daddy/daughter dance with the Y-Guide tribe where she was all dolled up and got to meet some of the Disney princesses. There were even dance contests for the dads. It seemed like during a good portion of the month, someone was always sick in our house, which seems to be the case this time of year. We are all healthy now, thank goodness.

Brayden participated in her school-sponsored Boosterthon Fun Run, which generates money for the PTA. Since we are new to the whole grade school thing, we weren’t sure what to expect. Brayden called family members for monetary donations to sponsor her for each lap she ran and committed to running 36 laps (here I am thinking we are talking about a full lap at a school track! It was much shorter, though.). The day of the fun run arrived and they did a phenomenal job of rallying the kids and getting them pumped up. Parents were there holding up signs for their kids (note to self: make a sign for next year!) and my eyes teared up just watching Brayden be so engaged in the morning and so excited to run like the wind! I was a proud mama.

We had a nice Valentine’s Day, I attended the play, Les Miserables, with my aunt and cousin, and went to a girls’ dinner out. Brayden received yet another perfect report card for her second quarter and loves school and all the friends she has met. We are so proud with how much she is excelling in school! Our den furniture arrived and the room is finally coming together. We still have to paint, get a new coffee table, some end tables, and some lamps, but it is really looking great! The last weekend of the month, we joined the Mazzolas for a fabulous weekend in the NC mountains. We took the kids snow tubing at Hawk’s Nest and even though the warmer conditions made the tubing a bit slower than usual, it was still really fun. We really miss seeing them as often since we are no longer in the same city, but still manage to see them a good bit between our trips to Raleigh for work and quick vacations like these.

Brayden’s imagination is really taking off (well, it’s always been that way) and the older she gets, the more comical her creativity truly is. She created a sign for the door to her room naming it the “Mall of Glory” and her bathroom is “The Beauty Shop”, complete with magazines (Architectural Digest and Southern Living, to be exact) in the “waiting room”. It is here that she puts lip gloss on your lips, cheeks, and wherever else. You enter plain and emerge a transformed woman. It is so cute to see her doing this. Of course, Hanleigh is her little sidekick and shadow, doing whatever she does.

Hanleigh is doing great with potty training and is our little stinky face (to us, this means stinker). She is a chatterbox, but is shy when she meets new people (yet warms up quickly). The two girls continue to get along great 99% of the time, so for that I am very thankful. In terms of sassiness and “keeping it real”, this month was pretty good, so not too much to elaborate on in terms of any drama.

• When getting into Trent’s car, she looked up at me and said, “That’s mommy. I love her.”
• The word “so” has officially be indoctrinated into her repertoire of words, such as “I so want that.” And “I so don’t want to clean up.”
• She left the room one time and said, “Peace out, G.”
• Whenever the song “Cruise” comes on the radio, she says, “This is Brayden’s song.”
• Trent asked her to “Quit picking your nose.” to which she replied, “It’s right on the edge, Daddy.”
• While driving over a section of road that has a slight bump in it and launches the car in the air a bit, she said, “Wow that was fast, Daddy. Jump your car, Daddy.”
• We will be driving around town, all of us in the car, talking about what we are going to do that day and she says, “Can I go, too?”

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