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Mommies, Motors, and Many Memories

May launched our late spring/early summer tradition of taking many fun trips. Down side of this is not being home…up side of this is traveling to great places with great friends and family, so you won’t see any complaining here. We were in town Mother’s Day weekend and attended a Kentucky Derby party, however Trent shared his birthday with Mother’s Day this year, but I think we did a good job of balancing out the two events. He surprised me with a massage (appointment booked and everything!) and I got him a Motorola Xoom (iPad competitor). Brayden and Hanleigh even gave me some homemade gifts, too (picture frame and card, respectively). Although many call Mother’s Day a “Hallmark Holiday”, it helps me to focus on how much I love being a mother to two absolutely adorable and beautiful girls. Being a mom means:

  • Keeping the radio station on Kids’ Place Live after you’ve already dropped the kids off and unknowingly singing loudly to “Squirrels in My Pants”
  • Having an unopened box with a frame to put Hanleigh’s six-week photos in but somehow it hasn’t made its way to hang on the wall (even though she is nearly 11 months)
  • Doing countless loads of laundry that encompass (and what seem like) hundreds of tiny shirts, dresses, and countless socks who easily lose their counterparts to the dryer monster
  • Tucking your angels in at night, feeling their soft breath, and watching how peaceful and angelic they look while sleeping
  • Watching the love between you and your husband converge to form two little beings with their own personalities
  • Understanding what it’s like to feel your heart beat outside of your chest

In order to make room for mom’s dining set, we donated our dining room table/chairs to the Red Cross so they could give it to those affected by the recent NC tornadoes. At first we were trying to sell it, but it felt much better to give it away to someone in need. Hanleigh had her nine-month checkup where she was 15 lbs., 15 oz. (7%), 27 ¼” tall (40%), and 17 ½” head circumference (65%). The doctor said we could begin true solids so we have tried an entirely new approach this time around where we will feed her everything we eat. So far, she’s tried (and likes!) asparagus, green beans, black beans, eggs, and bananas. Unfortunately, she also had her fourth ear infection (we are keeping the Rite Aid in business) and her first boo boo. Hanleigh can now stand up, but doesn’t know how to get back down, so she just lets go and falls on her rear. She signs “more” by clapping when she’s eating and waves, too.

I went to the third annual Triple B’s beach trip the second weekend and had a great time, as usual. It has been determined that we are all way too organized as many of the girls had customized gifts made for everyone: tumblers, beach towels, and tennis shoe charms. I am not sure how we’ll beat that next year. I have also decided that I need to pack some Depends on the next trip as I laughed so much I peed my pants…TWICE. You know you have a great time when your abs are sore from laughing, not exercising. We had a such a great time and the nightly dance parties took place…this time with props (see photos). Trent went to his third annual guys’ NASCAR race as well. They stayed at a funky hotel in Charlotte, ate some delicious food and went to the race. For some reason, photos never emerge from these trips. During his trip there, the girls and I also went to Charlotte to meet our new nephew, Cooper. He is so adorable and I can’t wait to watch the cousins grow up together. We took a spontaneous trip to the Zoo (where Nana was able to meet us!), went to Melissa’s birthday celebration, and I ended the month with a work trip to Newport Beach, CA.

If you think this month looks busy, just wait until the June post. Wow.


  • “What planet do GG and Dadaw live on?”
  • “What land are we in?”
  • “I don’t even have to brush my teeth” to which Trent responded, “Why?” “Because I brushed them at Emilia’s house.” (where she does not have a toothbrush! Oh no!)
  • Kissing is gross
  • At the zoo: Baboons=bamboos, Yak=y-yak
  • Merry go round=miracle round

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