2008,  Brayden,  December


December was a wonderful month for us! We babysat our friend’s daughter, Emilia, one evening and enjoyed the laughter of her and Brayden running down the hallway together just giggling away. Of course, most of the weekends were filled with wrapping up our Christmas shopping and preparing for a week vacation to Charlotte during the holidays. Miss B’s school was closed the entire week from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day, so it “forced” us to take that week off, too (no complaints here). That week was filled with visiting everyone in the family as well as close friends. We spent Christmas Eve at Mimi & Dadaw’s house and Christmas Day at mom’s. Brayden got to see all the lights at McAdenville on Christmas night (along with everyone else in NC-busy traffic!). We even attended a surprise 60th anniversary dinner for Mimi & Dadaw (it’s a little humbling to know that they’ve been married twice as long as I’ve been alive-CRAZY!). Congrats on a wonderful marriage!!! We spent a couple nights at Dad & Barbara’s house where Brayden went bowling for the first time, too. Our good friends, Betsy & Jason also welcomed their new bundle of joy into the world and we were lucky to meet him as well. We ended the week with a New Year’s Eve celebration at The Dunlap’s house and Miss B played with a gaggle of kids there (it was like a circus!).

We really enjoyed having this much time off of work because it gave all of us a chance to decompress and actually relax from the hectic day-to-day craziness that we call life. It was nice to enjoy each other’s company and spend time with those that we love. It really helped me to see what is important in life—it’s not your career or work, it’s the people that you love and surrounding yourself with their presence.

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