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So I Creep…

July was another action-packed month. Trent’s parents came down for July 4th weekend and we had a great time with them. We attempted our yearly tradition of going to Koka Booth to see the symphony and fireworks, but this year the weather turned sour fast. Everyone in that entire place was huddled very close under the big, metal structure (smart, right?). We knew we had to stay calm or else Brayden would freak out. All was good and it was another adventure. Brayden continued her ballet class (she tells us she wants to do swimming next). We hosted a dinner at our house when Tonya was in town visiting from Italy. It is always so great to see her. One weekend, we spent time at Lake Tillery with the family and I was still able to slalom ski on my first try! That always makes me feel good when I can do that. This would be the last time we would stay at this lake house as Aunt Patty and Uncle John will be moving into a new one shortly.

Trent also went on his annual guys’ canoe trip to western NC. As always, they had a great time, but he tells me that this year’s trip was the most tame of them all. I revisited my junior high school days with an awesome girls’ night to the NKOTBSB concert. We decked ourselves out in legwarmers, side ponytails, blue eyeshadow, Wet N’ Wild lipstick, fishnet mesh gloves, jelly shoes, etc. I can honestly say that I haven’t listened to them since I was in junior high, but you never forget those songs. We danced the night away and had an absolute blast. It was like I was transported back in time with all the high-pitched screaming. I haven’t had that much fun at a concert in a LONG time. And, no, I’m not embarrassed to admit that at all! We attended a birthday party, I went on a work trip to Spokane, and both grandpas celebrated birthdays. Happy Birthday Grandpa Hall and Grandpa Jones!

The last weekend was spent at the Virginia Creeper Trail for a family reunion with my mom’s side of the family. We had an absolutely amazing time. There were 31 of us (the family just keeps growing)…even Papaw came! I cannot even begin to explain how effortless and fun these trips are. Everyone pitches in, gets along, and most of all, spends a lot of time laughing until our sides hurt. We had three cabins with one being the central, “hang out” place, but all were located alongside a gently flowing river. There were pick-up games of football, cornhole, and on Friday we all rode the Creeper Trail for a few hours (~15 miles). Trent and I each pulled one of the girls behind our bikes (somehow I got stuck pulling Brayden…what a workout!) and they had a blast (and we remembered to put the screen in front of their faces this time so there was just minimal dirt in their hair). There was an incident on Saturday with the satellite dish as well. Let’s just say that it was in the middle of a very fierce water balloon fight and miraculously, we ended up fixing it. That night, all the rowdy cousins stayed up late, daring each other to eat spicy foods or do strange human tricks (see video of Kyle…note: not for the weak stomachs).

Brayden is becoming such a big girl these days. All in one weekend, we counted five “big girl” things she did: tried “big girl” chicken and didn’t even taste it in the sauce, did real swimming (underwater, kicking legs, moving arms), walked Peapod around the neighborhood on a leash, rode her bike to the pool, and learned how to open sunflower seeds with her teeth. I don’t understand how she is nearly five years old and growing up too fast. I don’t like it.

Little Hanleigh turned 11 months in July and she continues to have such a happy demeanor. Rarely does she cry and if so, it is very short-lived. But, when she does whine, it is a shriek high enough to break glass…and very loud! When she wants attention, she will let you know it. Just like a Leo! She says this word that sounds like “dickel” over and over, and very often. The other common noises she makes sound like a tape being played backward really fast. It is so funny!


  • When talking about a concrete-looking egg she made in school one day, she said, “We have to take this home. There is a dinosaur in it.” I said, “There is a REAL dinosaur in it?” She said, “Mom, calm down. It’s not a real dinosaur. It’s pretend.”
  • 100 agrees (degrees)
  • Far there (further)

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