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This is going to be a short post for a few reasons. #1: it’s already the end of December and I’ve been a total slacker in writing this one, #2: I’m not feeling terribly creative as all my creativity has been spent prepping for the holidays, and #3: not enough time!

This month was full of fun, and we actually stayed in Charlotte most of the time, which was nice! At the beginning of the month, we had a random fall party, to let everyone see our new porch (see the separate photo album for a timeline from demolition to completion) and just have people over. About 30 people showed up and it was a blast! Considering we hadn’t had a professional photo done of our family since Hanleigh was six-weeks old, we had those done and they turned out amazing. Thanks, Amanda! We went to a few football games, attended my cousin’s baby shower, and went to a Panthers game. Brayden had her eight-year checkup and was 51 pounds (26%), 4 feet, 2 ½ inches (48%), so she’s right on track. Her performing dance company showed off their skills at the Southern Christmas Show and we were both very proud parents. She did an excellent job! Although, I think she is a bit more interested in gymnastics, so we may try that in the winter/spring.

I had some girlfriends over one evening to watch Magic Mike (since one of our neighbors hadn’t seen it). It was a very fun evening to say the least! We got passports for the girls so we can have fun traveling the globe over the years! We attended a LOT of birthday parties (Cora, Landon, Savannah) and Brayden went to her first slumber party at Coco’s house. She had a blast. I was definitely more nervous than she was! These rites of passage are a bit hard to swallow for this mama! I visited with my longest friend, Susan, one afternoon and we continued our half marathon training as well. We spent the Thanksgiving holiday in DC with Trent’s parents and took the girls to the Museum of Natural History and to the Penguins of Madagascar movie. It was a low-key visit filled with tons of delicious food and great times with family. Thad even surprised everyone by flying in from Oakland, so that was awesome! We are SO incredibly thankful for all the family and friends in our lives, our health, and the many blessings bestowed upon us.


  • We were riding around in the car one day, and from the backseat, she said, “You know your can’t put just your middle finger up in the air by itself because it means you hate god.” I said, “Oh really, I didn’t know that.” to which she replied, “I won’t do that because I respect god.” Good girl.

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