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Busy Little Bees

Another month has passed, one which involved even more business travel. I spent a week in Dallas for our annual conference, where Trent joined me for one day to meet up with a financial planner. In the meantime, Aunt Patty came up to watch Miss B. They had a blast going to the park, eating at Chic-Fil-A (seeing the cow with the hairbow), and making cupcakes as a “welcome home” treat for us! No more was I home for that weekend then I had to hop on yet another plane to Waseca, MN for a board meeting. Then, we were off to Susan’s wedding over Halloween weekend. The entire weekend was amazing. We stayed in this beautiful log cabin with other people in the wedding party, enjoying all the festivities that come along with a wedding. My mom came up and took our NCSU cheerleader trick or treating while we enjoyed the rehearsal dinner and then we learned how to contra dance at the reception! Our fall swim class has begun, which I have no idea why I signed up for that smack dab in the middle of football season. Lesson learned. Brayden does enjoy it, though as long as I relate her swimming and blowing bubbles to Nemo or Dory. We’ve had some fun playdates with Emily and Emilia as well. Our friends had a little baby girl and my good friend, Keri, is prego with their first baby. Abby and Justin came up to visit and go to the football game this past weekend and we had a blast. Check out the video!

We have this thing we do with Brayden called “Buzzy Bee” where we make our pointer fingers move toward her like a bee is going to get her and tickle her all over. She laughs hysterically and so do we. Then she gets us back with her Buzzy Bees. We continue to “get her sugar” from behind her ears and now she has started to get ours, too. It is the cutest thing ever! Potty training is also going better. It’s amazing how as a parent you are completely enthralled with your kid’s bodily fluids and can detail the time/amount of each event. It’s also amazing how an M&M can get a child to pee on the potty. Bribery at its best! Another funny Miss B story: we were getting ready to head to the grocery store the other day and I was holding Brayden. Trent was on his way downstairs. We were at the bottom of the stairs and I said to Brayden, “Say come on daddy” and she yells out in this little sassy tone, “Come on Trent Jones. Let’s GO!!!” We both died laughing. She’s our little sassafrass. That’s what I think her new nickname will be b/c she is SASSY!

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  • Cindy

    Becca & Trent ~ I also can’t believe little Miss B is 2 already. She has got to be the most beautiful little bee in the world and I just love her expressions! She sounds like such a smart little thing too, you guys are such wonderful parents. Thanks for sending the updates, I love getting them. Have a safe and blessed holiday season!!

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