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Mamma Mia, What a Summer!

It is hard to believe that the summer is nearly over. We have made some incredible memories with family and friends and have done a great deal of traveling for many of those adventures! This month began with my birthday weekend trip to Charlotte. I ventured down to visit my mom for what was probably one of the best weekends I’ve ever had with my mom (and that’s a hard thing to determine). On Friday we had a massage, I had my celestial charts read, and ended the evening with a wonderful ladies-only dinner. On Saturday we had lunch with Mimi and Dadaw, went to Mamma Mia (this was mom’s birthday present), and went to Rascal Flatts with Abby, Aunt Patty, and Kendall that evening. It was a perfect weekend to begin my 32nd year!

The next weekend Trent went on his annual guys’ canoe trip, during which photos are never taken. They always relax in Western NC and have a blast misbehaving! While he was there, Miss B and I visited Ashley, Aidan, Hawkins, Betsy, and Jack in Greensboro. We had a great time hanging out with them and are just in awe at how quickly our “babies” are growing up. Trent and I celebrated our eight-year wedding anniversary by making a delicious meal at home and then later ate at Ruth’s Chris over the weekend. My good friend, Tonya, who now lives in Italy with her (newlywed) husband, Christian, were visiting NC for a few months so we went to our friend Laura’s house for a very fun dinner to celebrate the different cultures and amazing friendships that span the globe. I love how the distance doesn’t separate us at all. It speaks volumes for true friendships. We enjoyed Cary’s yearly festival, Lazy Daze, and another fun-filled weekend with Nana where we relaxed and also went to a local kids’ museum.

In other news, the economy has affected my employer as well and as a result, my position has been combined with a previous colleague’s job, so I still have a job, which is good. However, I transitioned to a new position in the past two weeks (while still maintaining a great deal of my previous role) and am trying my best to adjust to the demanding workload that could honestly consume the lives of three full-time employees. This has been very difficult and my family has been so very supportive of me during this time. Thank you all for your patience. I am toggling between the idea that I am in this position because of my hard work, but at the same time trying not to be taken advantage of by becoming another workhorse. Should be an interesting next couple of months. Deep breaths, Becca.

In silly Brayden news, she continues to crack us up with those insightful and hilarious sayings. During my weekend in Charlotte, Trent called to have Brayden tell me something she had just said: “Mom, if we eat our boogers, the ambulance will come and take us to the hosmital to make our bellies feel better.” HILARIOUS! Other things of note are: “What’s up with that, dude?”, “Can you tell me, mom, what is the deal?”, requesting Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”, made up things like “con toot” (Spanish for “with gas” perhaps?), and demonstrating some (unknown) yoga moves on our kitchen floor. Brayden’s soccer class ended and we are trying to determine what we’ll do next. Most likely swimming as that is what she has requested. This fall with surely bring more laughter in the Jones household. Stay tuned.

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