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Little Turkeys, Bringin’ the ‘Stache Back, and Gray Hairs

I think of November as the beginning of the holiday season, but more importantly, it is a time when we reflect on all our blessings: family, friends, health, shelter, and happiness. We are so fortunate to have all of these things in our lives.

We enjoyed both girl and guy nights out, some wonderful football games (which ended up giving the Pack a bid to a bowl game), and a puppet show at the arts center. Trent’s annual away football game was in Boston with seven other guys. Even though State lost, they had a great time! They toured the Samuel Adams Brewery and ate some delicious food. Brayden continues to have her very rare, yet extremely epic meltdowns. I took Brayden to see Taylor Swift in Charlotte one evening. We had a great time, although Miss B was fading fast around 9:30pm. We did end up hearing her last song before the encore, so not too bad. She passed out on the drive back home. We enjoyed a lunch at the girls’ school for Thanksgiving. Toward the end of the month, sickness struck our household. Hanleigh had a bout with a stomach bug one Sunday afternoon and it seemed to go away as soon as it approached. Fast forward four days to Thanksgiving and Brayden got sick and then was fine after that. Of course, not knowing that their two sicknesses were even remotely related, Hanleigh then got sick in the car on the way home. We were driving and Brayden shouts, “Mom and Dad, Hanleigh just threw up! The dogs are eating it! Hanleigh is eating it!” I know that is completely gross. It caused us to have about a 30-minute detour where we were pulled over in some sketchy, gravel-drive upholstery business using up all our wipes, changing Hanleigh, and trying to keep the car vented for Brayden. Looking back, it’s a bit comical, but at the time, not so much fun. Also, our kids’ sickness transferred over to Cooper, Mom, Trent, me, and others. Sorry everyone. Glad that is over.

During Thanksgiving, we spent some time driving around Charlotte scouting for houses. For those of you that aren’t aware, we are planning on moving to Charlotte in early 2012—not sure where yet, but we are working on it. In the meantime, we are decluttering our current home. That takes a lot of time and effort. Whew. Stay tuned for more updates.

Hanleigh had her 15-month checkup as well. She weighed 20 lbs. (17%), was 30 ¼” tall (60%), and her head was 18 ½” (86%). She’s continuing to keep the Jones girl proportions: thin, tall, big head. Hanleigh now has seven teeth (three below, four up top) and the doctor indicated that her molars may start appearing soon. We hope that happens quickly as the pain seems to bother her (hands in her mouth, whining). Poor thing. Hanleigh has also started trying to jump. This has to be one of my favorite things about this age. She bends her knees and uses all her might, but just can’t seem to get her body off the ground. And, in many cases, she nearly loses her balance just by trying launch herself in the air. It is precious. She has also really started dancing (read: slowly twists her body or rocks side to side) whenever she hears music. You know I love a little dancer! Hanleigh is continuing to learn her animal sounds. If you ask her what a horse says, she’ll tell you “pfptt” and blow a raspberry. If you ask her what a pig says, she makes a sound like she’s coughing up some phlegm (gross!). It’s hilarious, though!

Trent participated in a month-long fundraiser called Movember in which he grew a mustache in support of men’s health and to raise awareness for prostate cancer. He participated with some of his coworkers and ended up winning an award for best ‘stache (see progressive photos). He also raised the most money. Go Trent! It was hard to take him seriously the more his ‘stache grew in, though! Abby and Justin welcomed Landon to the world on November 18, so now the girls have a new second cousin! We are so happy for them and hope to meet the little man soon!


• While tucking her in one night, we were talking about how you lose your baby teeth first. I told her, “You won’t lose all your baby teeth at the same time. If you did, you’d look like a really old man.” Brayden said, “Why do they not have teeth?” I said, “Because a really long time ago, those people didn’t take good care of their teeth, so they fell out.” She said, “In the 80s?” I said, “Longer ago than that, sweetie.” She said, “Yeah, but in the 80s they only had four TV channels, so ha ha, you only got to watch four channels!”

• When am I gonna get bracelets (braces) on my teeth?

• We are never going to stop going to Charlotte because we will live there.

• One night at dinner, she accidentally peed in her pants. I asked her why she had a funny look on her face, to which she replied, “I can’t say it because it’s gonna make you say “Brayden”.

• When surprising GG and Dadaw at the airport one day, she told Aunt Patty that “we need to look for some gray hairs.”

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