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Taking Trips and Tree Pose

Summer is always a happy time, filled with many birthdays and other celebrations…and July was no different. Between cousins, neighbors, and dads, there was someone each week who turned a year older. We enjoyed another 4th of July weekend in DC with Trent’s parents, watched the fireworks from Iwo Jima and met up with some college friends for a delicious dinner. Afterward, we spent some time at the top of the W Hotel enjoying views of the Washington Monument and White House. It was pretty awesome. I also met up with Kendall and Tanya (while she was in town visiting) for a girls’ night out. In mid-July, Kendall, Momo, Kerri, and I spent a one-night getaway in Southern Pines for an absolutely fabulous girls’ weekend. Kendall and I did a really tough (and fun) hot yoga class first thing in the morning and then we shopped, ate, drank, and repeat. It was a quick trip, but something we’ll definitely do again! We laughed the entire time!

Brayden continued to participate in more summer camps: soccer, splash, all about pink, gymnastics/dance, ceramics, drama, american girl, and outdoor adventure. Both girls took swim lessons, which has definitely helped improve their skills. Brayden can swim for sure, but needs to refine her skills now. Hanleigh has room for improvement, so we just need to keep her enrolled. Trent went on his annual guys’ canoe trip in the mountains of North Carolina where Kyle won the infamous COY (camper of the year) award for his ability to hit a golf ball across the river onto a rock on the first try, after everyone else had been trying to do the same. They had a great trip aside from some rain.

I spent a work week in Spokane attending our annual global marketing meeting. It was great to see everyone on our team and get to know my international colleagues even better. We always work hard and play hard and this was no exception. I had a bit of issue upon my return trip home in terms of delayed flights and luggage, missed flights, rebooking challenges, etc. and finally made it home around 11:30pm that night (after waking up at 4:30am PT). Trent took the girls to see the play, Mary Poppins (where I was supposed to join them), and they had a wonderful time. We enjoyed a fun pool party at our neighbor’s house and I was treated to an early birthday massage from my mom at her house. Sooo relaxing. It helps to have connections.


  • “I’ve been sad about something lately.” to which I said, “What is it?” She said, “That Daddy has gray hairs on his beard.”
  • We were outside one afternoon and it was the perfect summer day. She said, “Man, this wind feels awesome.” and then looked up to the sky with her hands shaking in the air in a somewhat-stern voice and said, “Keep it up, God.”


  • Her best friend at school is a boy named Brody. They have been attached at the hip for a couple years now, but lately, she has been more distant when we ask her about him. I asked her one day if she was friends with him and she said, “No. He follows me everywhere I go.” (get used to it, Hanleigh)
  • Like her sister, Hanleigh is blossoming into a little artist. One day, she came home with a picture of a stick figure with some interesting shapes near its legs. She said, “This is a picture of Daddy.” to which I said, “Ok. What’s that?” (pointing to a line between its legs). She said, “That’s his tee tee.” I said, “Well, what is that?” (pointing to a circle near the line). She said, “That is his circle tee-tee. He has two of those.” OH MY!

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