April 2019

Charleston, Concerts, Cotillion, Races & Relaxing

We kicked off March with a bang! The four of us went to Charleston solely for the purpose of seeing a great country concert. But, we saw much more than that. We stayed in a quaint little VRBO carriage house for the weekend and went to see Mitchell Tenpenny, Jordan Davis, and old Dominion play at the North Charleston arena. The concert was awesome, the music was magical, and it was a very intimate venue, which put us relatively close to the stage. I was in my element. The next day, we explored Charleston on foot and took the girls on a horse carriage tour around the city, which the girls loved. We also ate tons of delicious food at some of our favorite places like Taco Boy and Miller’s All Day, and even hung out at the top of the Vendue Inn rooftop for a couple of hours. We even made up some of our own secret handshakes throughout the weekend, as evidenced by the video.

The next week, Trent went to Raleigh for a team meeting. While he was gone, I took Brayden to her Cotillion ball (one of the few ways we can get her to wear a dress!) and she had an absolute blast. While she was there, Hanleigh and I had dinner with Kaitlyn and Tonya to begin planning our attack for wineries during the BottleRock Festival vacation coming up. We are getting so excited for this upcoming trip of a lifetime. My finances may not be too excited, but I’m pretty sure I can see myself going back to this festival for many years to come. I’m a bit worried I’m going to have too much fun. Stay tuned for more.

One night, Brayden and I ventured to dinner at Essex, followed by seeing P!nk in concert. I had seen her once before when she opened for N’SYNC straight out of college and it was awesome back then; however, she has come leaps and bounds in her career since. She was an amazing entertainer and we had a blast listening to her and watching her aerial acrobatics throughout the concert.

We began prepping Brayden’s room for a new redesign with step one being a new coat of paint. Currently, it is a mix of lime green and hot pink Key West-style colors. We are going with a paint color that is a lot more mature and is called Essential Gray. We will combine that with a nice mustard yellow, so stay tuned for updates in the coming posts.

I went to a conference in Orlando for our smaller-market customers, and it went really well. It’s an interesting mix of utilities that attend, but it was great to meet and greet customers in the small-town accounts. That weekend, the Mazzolas came to visit us. We chilled out on Friday night, worked out Saturday morning, and went to the Whitewater Center the next afternoon. They turned the river green for the annual St. Patrick’s Day festivities, and then followed it up with a date night with a lot of our great friends from the neighborhood. Even though it was low-key, we had an absolute blast. The next day, we took Chase, Brayden, and Emilia to Sky Zone (while Hanleigh and Trent made pizzas with their Y Guides tribe) before they had to take their flight back home. I already miss them terribly. Hopefully we will see each other in the fall.

Trent completed his second Palmetto 200 race. If you don’t remember from last year, this is an annual race that begins in Columbia, South Carolina and ends in Charleston, South Carolina. It’s 200 miles of relay racing through country roads with teams of either nine or 12 members. The guys had an awesome time, and Trent ended up running around 26 miles overall across four different legs in 24 hours. I am sure he was super sore, but it was awesome for the camaraderie and fellowship with his good friends.

While he was at that race, I flew down to Florida to have an awesome time with my Triple B’s. We stayed at Shelly’s gorgeous vacation home in Port Charlotte and did a lot of relaxing. On Thursday night, we stayed in and had a fabulous dinner. On Friday, had a great pontoon ride with Shelly’s dear friends at a riverside seafood joint called Snook Haven. On Saturday, we laid out at the beach, and then went to an awesome Oceanside restaurant for a fabulous dinner that ended up getting a little bit hilarious with a neighboring table and our silly waiter. After dinner, we visited a local karaoke dive bar and disgraced the stage with our antics. Check out the video. It was quite comical and super fun. I love this group of girls. They ignite my soul and everything is just effortless when we hang out together.

We capped the month off by celebrating a birthday brunch for Dadaw at 131 Main. Even though he doesn’t always remember who we are or why we are there, I thoroughly enjoy talking to him, celebrating him, and watching the girls and him interact. These are creating beautiful memories for our girls, which they will cherish for a lifetime.


She was in line at school on the way to a special when her classmate, Lazar, had one of his friends walk up to her and tell her that he likes her. All she said back to the friend was, “Okay.” Fast forward a couple weeks later and I asked her, “Does Lazar still like you?” to which she responded, “No, he likes Lola”. I asked her, “How do you know?”, to which she responded “He told me.” I said, “Oh, he didn’t have his friend come over and tell you again?” “No.” she said. I said, “So, what did you say?” She said, “I just looked at him and said ‘okay’.” I said, “Oh my, that’s great. I guess it didn’t bother you because you don’t like him in that way?” She said, “Yep, I don’t really care.” Love it!

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