August 2022
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Birthdays, Blonde, Varsity & Vino!

Summer camps were in full swing and August ended up being the month that housed Hanleigh’s most favorite theater camp, Legally Blonde! It was a two-week camp and she absolutely loved it. I think she’s got a knack and real love for theater. We will see where this takes her. Brayden tried out for her high school’s field hockey team and made varsity! We are super excited for her as this is one of her true passions as well. I celebrated my 45th birthday evening by going out to dinner with two of my dear friends, Tonya and Heather. They took me out to one of my favorite places, Margeaux’s, for dinner and drinks and we had a blast (the rest of the family had prior commitments that evening). I had another evening celebrating with my mom at Foxcroft Wine Company, another favorite establishment of mine. Charlie continued her weekly dog training, which definitely helped her learn tricks, but that little stinker needs to do some off-leash training as well. Her favorite thing to do is to yank the crap out of you while you’re walking her on the leash.

Brayden had a field hockey game near Winston-Salem one day and while they were there, Hanleigh and I sent some quality time together, followed by her best friends coming over for a slumber party that night to celebrate her 12th birthday. The next day, we took them all to Carowinds where our headaches commenced from the rides. We are built the way we used to be anymore! We were very proud of her for riding the biggest roller coaster of all there, the Fury. Her birthday celebrations continued at Juniper Grill with lots of laughter. Kendall and I enjoyed a nice evening together at her house having dinner, and Trent and I celebrated our 21st anniversary by dining at a newer restaurant near us, called Fiore. It really doesn’t feel like it’s been 21 years, which I guess is a good thing. Time really does fly! I love you so much, sweetie.

Brayden had an overnight field hockey tournament in Cary. While Trent and her were there, I attended Hanleigh’s theater showcase for the Legally Blonde camp. The production was an entire hour and I was so impressed as to all the choreography, singing, and lines they memorized in such a short time. Way to go, little bit! On a sad note, our dear friend’s (Heather) dad passed away so I attended his funeral and his celebration of life back at her house that Saturday. It was a somber day, but was also full of amazing stories about his full life. I felt like I knew him after all the fabulous things that people said! The next day, I redeemed my surprise day-date coupon that Trent gave me for my birthday and we ventured off to hike Crowders Mountain, which was then followed by lunch and wine at Veronét Vineyards! We had never been there before, and it will definitely not be our last time there. The wine was delicious as was the charcuterie board, and the view was very beautiful. It’s a very dog-friendly place and people are either dressed up in cute outfits or in workout clothes. We were the latter! You know I love a good surprise! 

Hanleigh attended an Arts and Experience camp as her final one for the summer, I had an amazing massage and Trent and I had an incredible date night (another birthday present) at Foxcroft Wine Company (Dilworth) for a dinner and tasting hosted by Freemark Abbey Winery, located in St. Helena, California. They flew out their sommelier, who custom pairs their wine with a four-course meal prepared by the restaurant’s chef. Of course, the ultimate goal is for all the patrons to order wine from them, which we were happy to oblige. The food was absolutely delectable and the wine was divine!

Brayden celebrated her friend’s (Maisie) birthday at the Pump House, followed by a pool party back at their home. Her parents are just the kindest people and we really enjoy their family. I organized and had the annual girls’ staycation, but this time we were at The Ballantyne Hotel instead of uptown. We laid out by the pool all morning and afternoon, got ready back in the room, then ventured to dinner at Stir. After that, we made our way to Resident Culture and ended the night at the Gin Mill. It was absolutely hilarious because we were definitely some of the older people there and this group of girls came up to us and said, “Aww, it’s just so great that you guys are out. You’re so beautiful.” Total pity statement. Instead of getting offended, we just all started dying laughing and joking about how the old folks home shuttle was going to come get us soon to take us back from our field trip. Ha!!!

Hanleigh stayed at Grandma and Grandpa’s one night as a way to spend quality time with them (very special), Abby and I got together and had dinner at Good Food one evening, and Trent and I attended Hanleigh’s open house at middle school. This was her first time there and we navigated the hallways in the order of her schedule. We met all of her teachers as well, and they seem fabulous. Her school is one of the top schools in the entire state, so we couldn’t be more happy that she’ll get to call it home for the next three years. We had an amazing afternoon and evening for a cousin hangout at the Buford’s house where we had a lot of laughs and enjoyed their new pool. We always have the most incredible time with them and can’t wait for our next get together.

The girls started school, with Brayden now a sophomore and Hanleigh in sixth grade! Where has the time gone? I think they are both enjoying the routine, but not necessarily the homework. I know they will grow to love their classes. I capped off the month with a work trip to Raleigh to meet with my team as well as my manager. It was a quick trip and back, but productive!

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