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Bridges, Bunnies, and Blissful Beaches

April was a wonderful and busy month for us as we were in our house only one weekend out of four! We kicked things off with a kid-free weekend in Charleston, SC at the Cooper River Bridge Run with a group of our friends. Both Trent and I shaved a lot of time off our stats from last year. Trent finished in 1:03 and I finished in 1:09. I achieved my goal to beat my previous time and not be as sore. We were both very proud of ourselves in running this tough 10k! My goal next year is to do even better in terms of time! While we enjoyed our time in Charleston, Brayden stayed in Charlotte with Aunt Patty and Uncle John. They had a great time at gym class and exploring the backyard for bunnies!

We took Brayden to her first Carolina Hurricanes game as well where, to this day, she still says, “Hockey has a loud horn that scares me” (in reference to the horn that blares out when they score a goal). She had a wonderful time at the game and we are all enjoying watching the Canes during the playoffs. Miss B walks around the house and says, “Let’s go Cames! Score a gold!”

My mom came in town for the long Easter weekend where we enjoyed lunch with Daddy, two trips to MyGym, church, planting new flowers, and an egg hunt. We always love when she comes to town because Brayden gets to explore and try all sorts of new things! I spent a weekend at Topsail Island with a group of crazy girlfriends and had an absolute blast. It definitely goes down in the books as one of the best girls’ beach trips I’ve taken. No need to elaborate anymore on that trip.

Our last weekend in April was spent in St. Petersburg, FL with Mimi and Dadaw. We enjoyed watching them with Brayden—they were all smiles, all the time. Brayden managed to tell Dadaw on numerous occasions, “Dadaw, you have crazy hayer (hair).” They got a kick out of that, especially with the drawn-out Southern accent. I was sad leaving St. Pete and the amazingly breathtaking view of the bay from their back porch. It is so relaxing, puts things into perspective and makes you focus on what is most important in life: family. We are so blessed to have such wonderful families. Can I get an Amen?

Miss B is officially two-and-a-half years old and remind us of that all the time. She is also becoming quite the girlie girl. She is very concerned with all of her outfits matching…from shoes all the way up to her hairbows. This can be a big point of contention when getting dressed in the morning and now that we understand this, we do our best to accommodate this blossoming fashionista’s demands. It cracks us up, but at the same time means that she is growing up too darn fast. I feel like every day is my favorite day with her because I love her more and more each minute.  No one can prepare you for that kind of love. Life is good.

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  • Courtney Nichols

    She is a darling! I can’t believe how fast she is growing up. I’ll be in Raleigh for a night this June. I’ll get back with you all on when. It is going to be baby free for me! Todd won’t be there; he has to work, but hopefully I’ll get to see the 3 of you!

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