2009,  Brayden,  March

The Calm Before the Storm

Very odd for us, but we have actually been in our house the past four weekends. During that time, it has snowed (which we had to drive around to all of the “Frostys” in our neighborhood and sing “Frosty the Snowman” to each of them) and also been 80 degrees. Welcome to North Carolina, huh? Trent and I began our date nights out and have enjoyed some adult conversation. We continued that vibe by partying with Joe/Les and another couple the next weekend with a delicious dinner (and too many lemon drop martinis). We babysat our friends’ children, Roman and Emilia, on separate occasions and got just a taste of what life would be like with two kids. Brayden attended her first “bouncy house” birthday party and was scared at first, but warmed up slowly to the idea of large pieces of fabric inflated 20-feet high in the air. Pretty scary when you think she’s only about two-feet tall. I took Miss B to have her (belated) two-year photos taken, so we are anxious to see how the proofs turn out. Trent’s dad is now retired and flew his plane down to see us for two days and helped Trent install a new back door. I think he really enjoyed seeing Brayden and was already exhausted from chasing her around the house. I enjoyed a fun girls’ night out recently where a bunch of us went to dinner and to some bars. Let’s just say that the attire in downtown didn’t leave much to the imagination. Either times are changing or I’m getting older. Probably a mix of both.

While this month has been pretty low key for us in terms of travel, Brayden has had a very exciting month! Where to begin? We started letting her sleep in her “big girl panties” at night and haven’t had any accidents. So, our child is officially out of diapers, which is AWESOME! It was a wonderful feeling putting that Diaper Champ up in the attic. Strange how the little things get me so psyched these days. Since last month, Brayden’s ear infections have managed to alternate back and forth, so she’s had two more. I think that puts us at number 12 and 13. We have also transitioned her out of her crib and into her toddler bed (all this required was removing the front of the crib and replacing it with a bed rail). She is SO excited about that “big girl bed” and loves to crawl in and out of it. She is very proud of herself, too. With these expected rites of passage that indicate our little girl is growing up also come the sweet little sayings that make me want her to still be my little baby. Recently, she told us, “thank you, my dear” and on a few other occasions (while putting her to bed) has said, “Mama, you want to hold me for just a little while?” Hello? I mean who can say no to that. So, of course I hold her, but then realize she is outsmarting me and it’s just a delaying tactic to avoid bedtime. You are so wise, grasshopper.

I’ve given this post its title because the next two months are insane with travel…all fun trips, but crazy nonetheless. I am in our house two out of 10 weekends, if that sheds any light. So, the next two posts will be full of great photos and awesome stories—I’m sure of it!

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