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Donuts, Mullets, and Sweet Tea Vodka: Love is in the Air


February was the same as any other month: busy. We enjoyed a Super Bowl party, playdates, and a Daytona party (yes, they do that here in the South). Our friends, Matt & Steph, gave birth to little Holden Matthew, who is absolutely adorable. We participated in the Krispy Kreme Challenge as well. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this healthy race, you start at the NCSU bell tower, run two miles to the Krispy Kreme, engulf a dozen donuts, and run back…in under ONE HOUR! Needless to say, we ran the four miles, but only ate 1-2 donuts each…in over one hour. I kick myself for not having my camera with me that day. Words can’t do it justice. No worries, there will be photos next year.

Brayden and I made her “Valentimes” for her friends and she loved it. Apparently, V-day cards have stepped it up in the world. No longer are they simple, tiny cards in an envelope. Nope. We went all out as well (not knowing of this societal change) and erred on the side of caution with a gift bag full of goodies. Good thing as the favor was returned and we are STILL eating Brayden’s candy (yes, that is wrong, but she’s just too little to eat all those sweets by herself, so we’ve taken the burden off her). I traveled to Windsor one weekend for a baby shower in honor of baby Jack and had a great time. The next weekend, we all went to Gboro for a wedding shower at the Bryan’s house, where we discovered sweet tea vodka and played cards until 1am (ahh, the good ole college days) while wearing a mullet wig. Don’t ask. Leslie and I went to a Banana Republic fashion show one night, which was really fun and we just returned from an impromptu weekend in Charlotte. As you can tell it was a busy month, but, as always, consumed with extremely fun trips and activities.

Brayden has these new placemats that are maps of the US and world. She loves to point to where we live and where the rest of our families live. She even told GG and Dadaw that they live in St. Pete and then said, “I get my shoes on now and walk to Florida.” Brayden is now associating all of her colors with their Spanish counterpart, so it’s impossible to drive anywhere without her in the back seat saying, “Red is roho. Means stop. Green is verde. Means go. Yellow is amarillo. Means be careful.” Unfortunately, Brayden is now on her 10th/11th ear infection (this time in both ears). She has her follow-up appointment this week and I have a list of questions for the doctor because mommy is getting sick of these!

As crazy as our schedules are (all self-inflicted, of course), Trent and I decided it would be a good idea to designate one night a week as a “date night in” where the two of us hang out together and just be together (talking, playing games, watching movies, etc.). In addition, once a month we will be exchanging babysitting with Joe/Les so that Trent and I can get out of the house and have a true date night. Before Brayden, date nights happened all the time, but as any parent knows, it’s very easy to let the nights slip away due to exhaustion. I think the date nights will be a breath of fresh air for us, for sure!

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