Ninjas, Nana, and Never

 hspace=Again, another month filled with parties…birthdays, Super Bowl, Valentine’s, Daytona, etc. We are really fortunate to have so many wonderful friends, and many different groups of friends, at that. Unfortunately, the month wasn’t all fun and games, though. Nana came in town one weekend and she was met with a bed-ridden Trent and a strep-throat Brayden. Thank goodness Nana, Hanleigh, and I were healthy because we were busy trying to nurse them back to health. We spent the morning at Brayden’s gymnastics class (which, she loves by the way), but shortly after, she began complaining about her ear/throat and pretty much cried for six hours straight (no exaggeration). After a long visit to Urgent Care, she was diagnosed and we began treatment. Cut to Trent, who was laid out in the bed all day and didn’t even make it out of the bedroom. Next time Nana visits, I hope everyone will be healthy so we can do the fun things we usually do like climb trees, stomp in rain puddles, and just act silly.

At the beginning of February, Hanleigh began nodding her head in a “yes” motion. Of course, it is just a coincidence, but we ask her questions and then she nods her head. So adorable. Hanleigh has also officially perfected the art of nose-bulb dodging. I mean, this child is good. She will arch her back and shake her head back and forth so it’s nearly impossible to get the boogers out. Nicely done, Little H. She had her six-month check up and as it turns out, she is still a tiny, little stinker. So, tiny, in fact, that we were told to feed, feed, feed. She weighed 12 pounds, 12 ounces (3%), her height was 25 1/8” (28%), and her head was 16 ¾” (54%). The doctor said we need to feed her three meals a day, such as a four-ounce jar of food at each meal. At this time, she won’t take that much food, so we bumped up her milk intake and are feeding her solids at breakfast and a dinner. New purees she tried this month were cauliflower and a turkey/applesauce combo! Meanwhile, Trent continues to make very creative smoothies for Brayden (peas, broccoli, peaches, strawberries…all in the same cup! GROSS!), which she gladly drinks. Hey, whatever it takes!

We typically don’t do too much for Valentine’s Day, but Trent was pretty cute when he sent me and email saying “You are cordially invited to dinner at 8pm. Do you accept? Yes | No.” (this reminds me of elementary school days…”Do you like me? Check yes, no, or maybe.”) He fixed a great steak dinner from the Fresh Market once the kids went to bed. It was really nice! I had another work trip to Houston for about four days the following week. I realize during these trips just how much I love my family and appreciate my wonderful husband even more. He is awesome, incredible, and takes such great care of the girls. Thank you SO much, Trent. Hanleigh had her six-month photo shoot and there are some adorable pictures! She is such a happy, little baby and is beginning to sit up even more now (not completely on her own, however). Brayden makes her laugh unlike anyone else and I just love watching the interaction between those two. Trent and I were also lucky to have President’s Day off work while the girls had school. It was great because we had a “date day”, so we went to one of our favorite places downtown, The Rockford, and enjoyed some delicious food (ABC sandwich, of course!). We followed that by a couples massage at my favorite spa (ooh la la!). I wish we had more days like that. We are now in the process of figuring out what to do for our 10-year anniversary. Can you believe it will be 10 years come August? CRAZY, but so incredibly cool. We had a beautiful, mid-70s day the last Sunday of the month and I met a college friend and her new baby, Sloane, for lunch and brought Miss Hanleigh…while Trent took Brayden to the lake via the bike trailer for a picnic and then to the park.

Some cute Brayden-isms:

  • Brayden is very into ninjas these days. While watching the Super Bowl halftime show (the people on the field were dressed in all white), she says, “Mom, are those ninjas?”
  • While tucking Miss B into bed one evening, she kissed her hands and gave hugs in the air and says, “Those are for Hanleigh…can you go give them to her?” When I came back, I said, “I think it is so wonderful that you love your little sister so much” to which she said, “And I love you and Daddy, but not Indi or Peapod because they pee on stuff.”
  • Brayden has started using the word “never” quite a bit as well, as in, “I never get to have breakfast dinner”, “I never get a princess boo-boo buddy” (usually, none of these things are true, but it’s funny because she’s so dramatic when she says it…as if her life is SO tough).

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