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Caves and Cooking

Summer is officially over, bringing cooler weather and football (yay!). This is my favorite season. It’s typically still warm, but lends itself to the perfect jeans and t-shirt weather. As we wrap up another activity-packed month and start school once again, here’s a look back at what kept us busy little bees.

Brayden is continuing with her tennis lessons and her overhand serve is improving! I am so proud watching her every time I go to one of her lessons. We spent Labor Day weekend at Lake Tillery with the Hall side of the family. The weather was beautiful and I got in a couple rounds of slalom skiing (I’ve still got it!). I also attempted to put Hanleigh on my skis and stand up. That didn’t go so well as we fell over to the side. I should’ve let Kyle take her since he had a great deal of success holding Cooper up for the first time. They did great! Next time, I know what to do differently.

Football season kicked off with a bang and the Wolfpack went into their conference schedule undefeated (unfortunately, they haven’t won a conference game yet). Tailgating has been a blast, nonetheless! The girls are even more into watching the games this season. Last year, Hanleigh just wanted to walk around the concourse scouting out the various food vendors. Now, they both sit (or in her case, wiggle) in the stands. Brayden is really showing an interest in the game…standing up and yelling, clapping, asking about plays, etc. We are proud parents because we both love football so much!

Brayden’s best friend spent the night one evening and we were serenaded by their renditions of “Watch Me (Whip Nae Nae)” and watched how many marshmallows they could stuff in their mouths and say “Chubby Bunny”. Let the slumber parties begin! The girls attended an American Girl back-to-school cooking class at Williams-Sonoma (as a gift from GG) where they made blondies and sandwiches. They sampled lots of goodies and left with sandwich makers. Brayden had her monthly Y Guides meeting and Trent and Brayden ventured off for a weekend at Camp Cheerio Adventures to do some spelunking (cave exploring). They were navigating very narrow tunnels in the pitch black cave, using only headlamps to find their way…emerging dirty, but grinning from ear to ear! What a cool experience. They are making memories that will last forever! While they were doing extreme sports, Hanleigh and I enjoyed a family fun night at the YMCA watching “How to Train Your Dragon 2”, building a firetruck at Lowe’s, having dinner with Nana, and going to the Panthers game with Grandpa and Grandma Hall. It was Hanleigh’s first game and she was so enthralled with the jumbotron, Topcats, and the hustle and bustle that is a professional sports game. Her attention span lasted her until the beginning of the third quarter, which was pretty good!


  • Trent and Brayden enjoy eating beef jerky together. She was asking for some the other day and asked if it was “beef geriaki” flavor (meaning to say “beef teriyaki”).


  • I was in the shower one evening when she came in and said, “I’m the queen.” to which I replied, “Oh really?”. She looked at me and said, “No one talks to the queen that way. Ya burnt!”
  • On the way back from the Lowe’s Build & Grow, she pointed to an area where they have a fence around a soon-to-be new neighborhood and told me (with all seriousness) that “They are building a new kids’ jail there.” I asked her if there were a lot of bad kids in Charlotte and she told me yes.

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