January 2017
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Polar Bear Plunge, Palm Springs, & Parties

I seriously don’t know how time flies by so quickly between these posts. One minute, I’m ready to compile the videos and caption the photos, and by the next time I blink, it’s the end of the next month. January was relatively low key in that there wasn’t too much traveling for either of us: just one work trip for me and one fun trip for Trent. We did have the Dunlaps over for dinner one night and as usual, the time went by way too quickly. I wish we saw them more! The girls continued their tennis and gymnastics lessons. Neither are incredibly serious about either activity, but haven’t asked to stop, so it’s status quo. I am wondering if they will continue with these sports throughout the years or try something new. I could see Brayden really getting into track when she’s in middle school and art lessons (she is super talented!). Still trying to figure out what Hanleigh would gravitate toward, but time will tell!

Little Myers got his last round of shots and continues to eat everything in sight. Trent is doing an excellent job training him, though. He’s learned sit, speak, shake, and down. Now, if he could only learn not to eat socks, tile floors, etc. We are excited that his permanent teeth have finally started to emerge! We take him for numerous walks around the neighborhood each week, but are really looking forward to when he can go running with us! Right now, that’s a bit ambitious as he is all over the place. His nose rules his whereabouts!

Trent and Brayden did a polar bear plunge with Y Guides. If you aren’t familiar with this activity, it’s where you jump into a body of frigid water in the middle of the winter just for giggles. Brayden was excited about it, but then got cold feet (pun intended!) and wasn’t going to do it. Finally, Trent convinced her (ok, bribed her with some type of dessert) to do it and she did. After a bit of crying and 30 minutes later, she said she would do it again. Trent and I had a fun date night with Nina & Keith and tried out a tasty restaurant called The Cellar at Duckworth’s. They made some interesting cocktails using prohibition-style ingredients and they were pretty tasty. Hanleigh finally lost her last upper-middle tooth (by knocking it into a grocery cart!). Slurping spaghetti should be a breeze now! Hanleigh went to her BFF’s birthday party and I traveled to Palm Springs for our annual sales meeting. This was the first time I had attended that meeting and I am glad I did. It was nice to see the perspective our sales teams have on selling our solutions and understand which customers are the most referenceable accounts. The highlight of that trip was the “gala” we had on Thursday night. It is a very formal gathering where they hand out awards to the most successful salesperson. At the end of it, I asked a friend of mine if there is typically dancing after the ceremony to which he responded, “Umm, nope.” You know I’m always looking for someplace to dance, so I went up to the sound booth and requested that we crank the party up by playing some jams. Next thing I knew, there were about 20 people shaking what their mommas gave them and having a blast. I think I may have started a trend.

Trent and I enjoyed a date night at The Liberty for restaurant week. It was super delicious! Two nights later, we took my mom to Yafo Kitchen which was definitely my favorite meal all month. It is Mediterranean/middle eastern cuisine, but in a casual setting. I am a sucker for shawarma and homemade bread! I could literally eat there every day. Trent joined about 10 of his F3 friends for a fun weekend in the mountains. They rented a cabin, ate like kings, sampled some local breweries, and went snow tubing. I know they had an absolute blast! While he was there, the girls went to the PTA movie night, we had a big family luncheon with my cousin, grandparents, aunt/uncle, and cousin, and then capped off the month with a birthday blow out for my friend, Julie. She turned 45 and we celebrated with about 10 friends at Ilios Noche, then proceeded to The Fillmore for a testosterone-filled “show” (it was anti-climactic), and capped the night off with dancing at Whisky River. Awesome way to wrap up the first month of 2017!

Oddly enough, there weren’t any Brayden- or Hanleigh-isms documented this month. Not to say that our kids didn’t say something hilarious or super cute, because I know they did…we must have just not written it down. That, or they say cute things so much that we are desensitized. HA!

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