2007,  April,  Brayden

Brayden is Six-Month’s Old!

BraydenThis month has also been full of new discoveries as I’m sure will be the case for many years. At the beginning of the month, Brayden managed to roll from her back to her front. She also let out her first real giggle. She doesn’t dish them out that much, but when she does, it makes us laugh! As seen in the video, she loves her “bouncy bouncy” chair and even bounces her legs when you say those words and she’s not in the chair. She reaches out to us to be held when we approach her and that just warms our hearts. Her cooing has turned into more consonant sounds such as “waa”, “baa”, “daa”, etc. Brayden is also sitting up now with an occasional loss of balance. Each day there is something new and we are constantly amazed at how everything is so new and exciting to her. She’s the best!

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