2008,  Brayden,  March

Brayden is 17-Month’s Old!

Shocked Face!Brayden’s new obsession is hooking and unhooking the buckles on her highchair. This is something that keeps her so interested and occupied. She loves to put the pieces together, no matter what it is (puzzles, etc.). She is now on her fifth ear infection, so we are getting used to the drill. Baby who is fussy and eats only carbs for four days = baby with ear infection. Brayden splashed in the rain for the first time as well. She wasn’t sure what to do, but with the help of Nana, she was immensely enjoying herself!

This month has been pretty low key—something we actually enjoy every now and then since it seems like we run rampant like a bunch of banshees half the time. We spent a cold afternoon indoors with the Mazzolas at a local kids museum. It was great to see B and E’s expressions while exploring everything! Miss B had a playdate with her friend, Grayson, where we learned that sharing is a word that still isn’t enacted yet. We had a great brunch with our good friends, and this past weekend, I co-hosted a baby shower for my best friend, Kendall. She has eight weeks left and it’s great to watch her go through pregnancy. I’ve also learned that three more friends are pregnant (not me!!!). It’s so great to watch others go through that experience and I completely share in their joy!

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