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Brayden is 16-Month’s Old!

Well, I knew this day would come. Nearly everything Brayden does is absolutely adorable, and I have to admit, even this is. She has discovered that passing gas is funny (or “tooting” as we refer to it). I can’t claim complete innocence on this because we have been egging her on. When she toots, we laugh, which has lead her to keep trying just to get a giggle out of us. It is hilarious! Of course, Trent thinks this is just the greatest. On a similar front, and just this week, when asked if Miss B is going poop, she points to her diaper and says “poopie” (Trent laughs at this, too), so potty training may be slowly nearing. I know this sounds totally lame for those of you without kids, but these are the kinds of things that excite us these days! HA!

In other news, we have been working on teaching Brayden how to do somersaults, which is too cute. She bends down and puts her head on the ground, and just hangs out until we lift her legs around. She has gained another tooth, for a total of seven. She also is repeating nearly everything we say, so her language is really blossoming. In addition, we actually had to put her in her first “time out” the other week because she kept putting her hand in the dogs’ water bowl. When Trent asked me how long she was supposed to stay there, I said, “one minute for each year” and he said, “yeah, right!” He then told her to say that she was sorry, to which we laughed because she had never heard that word in her life. I guess it’s time to start learning. The discipline is pretty hard on me, but I know it’s necessary so that we don’t have an unruly girl on our hands.

This month, we celebrated a surprise birthday party for Kendall’s husband, Andrew, I traveled to Dallas for work, we attended some Super Bowl and NASCAR (yes, welcome to the South) parties, and went to Charlotte to visit Mimi/Dadaw. We had a wonderful time and it was great to see my family!

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