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Brayden is 15-Month’s Old!

Brayden is now 15-month’s old…it is really hard to believe! We visited Trent‘s family in DC for a few days during Christmas. It was great to see everyone and take Brayden to the Smithsonian. She stared at the giant elephant for awhile and pointed to all the dinosaurs. We were so excited just to see her expression. Seeing things through her eyes and experiencing the newness of it all is so refreshing and wonderful! It’s like we experience things for the first time just by watching her reactions. Pretty cool.

My mom came up from Charlotte and visited us right after Christmas. It’s always great to see her! For New Year’s we went to dinner with a bunch of friends, then came back to our house for a Dance Dance Revolution dance off! It was funny to see newbies trying this game out! Kyle visited last week as well, and although Brayden was giving him looks up and down on Friday, by Saturday she was leading him around the house by hand and running to him with open arms. They are buddies. Our friends, Rick and Naomi, welcomed their first child, Roman, into the world last weekend, so that’s pretty exciting to see new parents in such awe.

Brayden has added some new words to her repertoire: “Dadaw” (which she says perfectly and every day!), “bye bye”, “owl=aadul”, “milk=meelch”, “Elmo=”ehmo” and “football=”uhhbawh”. She can also sign “please”, “more”, ‘thank you” and “all done”. She has also finally gotten her sixth tooth, so there’s four up top and two below. 

We know Brayden loves to dance to her favorite tunes “Row Your Boat”, “All Around the Mulberry Bush”, and “Ring Around the Rosies”, but we didn’t realize that neither mommy nor daddy are her dance partner of choice. She likes to make eye-to-eye contact with her partner, so Indiana meets that criteria. We tried it out one evening and now Brayden walks up to Indi, sways back and forth and grabs Indi’s paws. Because Indi is so laid back, she just goes with the flow.

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