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Brayden is 19-Month’s Old!

19 Month's Old!This month we took Miss B to the first spring arts festival in Cary as well as the Museum of Natural Sciences. We had a great time! Brayden had her 7th ear infection thus far and the doctor said to wait it out for now and if she starts to get them again in the fall, visit an ENT to see what he/she says. We visited Mimi/Dadaw in St. Petersburg and had wonderful time with them! During that trip we spent a lot of time in their pool searching for Nemo (aka “Meno” to Miss B) and jumping off the steps. We also celebrated Trent’s 34th birthday. In addition, my best friend, Kendall, had baby Owen and I went to Charlotte during Mother’s Day weekend to visit her and meet him. He is so adorable and Kendall and Andrew are doing so well. View their blog here. On an unfortunate note, a close family friend of ours and someone I basically grew up with was in a very bad car accident a few weeks ago and is still in the hospital, but getting better day by day. There is no doubt in my mind about the power of prayer, so please keep them coming! He is making tremendous strides!


Brayden is definitely showing us major displays of emotion. When she sets her mind on something, her determination shines through and nothing will stop her. This was evident at a barbeque this past weekend where she wanted to walk around the edge of a pool and on the edge of some blocks like she was on a balance beam (without holding our hands, mind you). When we told her no, you would’ve thought the world was coming to an end. These meltdowns occur a few times a week, and we just sit back and let her get her emotions out. The way I see it, she can’t verbally tell us all that she is feeling, so this is the only way she knows how to be upset. Although, sometimes these meltdowns are perfectly timed during dinner and Trent and I have mastered the art of walking around a restaurant and distracting her. Hey, whatever works, right? With this yearning for independence comes a great feeling of knowing that she trusts us enough to venture out on her own, yet still stay close enough to us for comforting. That is such a wonderful feeling to know how much faith she has in her parents. J


Miss B enjoys spelling out her name now, is quickly learning her numbers (two is her favorite), and yellow is her favorite color. We even taught her how to say “no mas” in Spanish! She has also added some other funny words to her vocabulary: “baby newt”=bathing suit, “bikealaylay”=bicycle. However, the best thing of all is that she is now saying, “I wuvey, mommy” (I love you, mommy) and then gives me a big hug and kiss. That melts my heart!


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