2008,  Brayden,  June

Brayden is 20-Months Old!

Not surprisingly, it has been yet another busy month for the Jones’. We started it off by taking Brayden to the zoo with her friends. She got to see giraffes, elephants, sea otters, and her favorite, tuh-tles. We spent Memorial Day weekend in the Outer Banks with our friends, Jason and Betsy, and enjoyed relaxing on the beach and eating lots of delicious seafood! We went to a concert with all adults (imagine that!), I “played” golf with a friend for her birthday, and Leslie and I took the girls to see Sesame Street Live (be sure to check out the video of Brayden shaking her booty!). This has also been a month of supporting charitable events by participating in the Alzheimer’s Walk in Charlotte (we stayed with Dad/Barb) and the Komen Race for the Cure in Raleigh (mom came up to visit).

We are staying cool in our neighborhood swimming pool on some weeknights and most weekends and have also enrolled Brayden in a weekly gym class that will extend through the summer. Brayden has taken an interest in “khaki mukik” (classical music) and requests it in the car and at bedtime. She also got another nasty bite in school last week, but is telling us the name of the person (we believe) who bit her. We taught her to say, “no biting, not nice” and she actually said it in school one morning to the culprit (Trent thought that was awesome!). We also learned that Brayden likes to drink water out of the garden hose and Indi has taught her how to eat bubbles (lovely). Brayden is now stringing four to five words together, which is impressing her teachers and us! In other news, Mr. Peapod turned 11 years old. We are looking forward to spending the rest of the summer with friends and family!

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