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Brayden is 21-Month’s Old!

This has been another busy month for us, as all summers seem to be. We did a good amount of traveling and visiting friends. I attended a cooking class, we went to Greensboro during back-to-back weekends for two birthday parties, then to the beach for July 4 with the Dunlaps. I went on a work trip to Houston and it seems like I am going to have about four more trips this year. So much for not traveling for work very much. While I was in Houston, mom came up for a workshop and stayed through the weekend, so that was nice to see her. We have also been trying to stay cool by spending time at our neighborhood pool. Trent’s mom heard back about her surgery and while things looked good, they want to be sure, so she will have a second (and more quick!) round of surgery this week. Please keep her in your thoughts!

In Miss B news, she transitioned to the Pre-Toddler class, which means a cheaper bill for Mommy & Daddy! In all seriousness, we can’t believe how fast she is growing and how much of a big girl she is becoming! Sometimes I think the transition from one class to another is harder on us! We are slowly approaching the topic of potty training as she is sometimes waking up due to dirty diapers and is starting to tell us when she is going to the bathroom. We don’t want to force her, so we’ll just see how it goes! Last weekend at the pool, Brayden got her first bee sting, too! The wasp “bit” her on her tummy and she keeps saying, “No biting bee. Not nice.” I’m sure that will keep them away! She has also rediscovered her shopping cart, which she refers to as her “shocking pop.” Her vocabulary continues to thrive with five-to-six word sentences on occasion. We are so proud of our little angel. I can just sit and stare at her because she is so incredibly amazing! We are so blessed to have her in our lives—she brings us so much joy! It doesn’t matter how bad our day is at work—it all vanishes when we see her smiling face!

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  • Keri Unsworth

    Becca, your blog made me tear up. OMG, I cant get over how fast life is going. Brayden is so beautiful. I know she is just yalls world…and I WANT ONE !!! It blesses me to see how blessed you and Trent are with your family. Keep writing …its a joy to read and gives me a glimpse into your world outside of Itron. Love you. The Unsworth’s

  • alison

    Brayden is one good looking kid! Watch out Trent, the boys will be coming for her soon. Kindergarten’s a regular meat market.

  • Mary Ann Schaffer

    Becca & Trent, Glad things are going well! I always enjoy your updates, little Miss B sure is something with those big blue eyes! You guys are in for trouble. Take Care 🙂

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