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March Madness

I think there was maybe one week in March that both Trent and I were home at the same time. Ships passing in the night. Although never intended, sometimes work trips make it happen that way. We made it through the planes, trains, and automobiles and are ready for some R&R. This month, Brayden got to take a field trip to see Dr. Suessical the Musical, had a bingo night at school, and Trent and Brayden attended their first daddy/daughter dance (hosted through Y Guides) and had a blast. They got dressed up, were looking very nice, and got to meet the Disney princesses (not quite the same as the ones in Orlando!). Brayden went roller skating for the first time and Trent said she did fabulous. There were two work trips to Raleigh for me and one for Trent with a wedding shower, birthday party, and a weekend hip-hop dance jam all sandwiched in there. One week was spent in downtown Charlotte for yet another work event, but I did get to host my manager and some colleagues at the house for dinner, which was great! During that trip, we even woke up one morning and did our traditional customer/vendor early-morning jog (this started a few years ago after a bet was made that a customer who was three sheets to the wind wouldn’t get up and run…we’ve been doing it ever since!). Trent has been working on building a hand-crafted radio-controlled helicopter, while I tried my hand at making an old piece of furniture “shabby chic”. The month concluded with the start of spring break, but I will keep all those photos together for the April post (there are SO many). I had forgotten what spring break even was, but now that we have a child in grade school, we’re at it again. It was a much-needed, well-deserved break for us all, though!

Hanleigh is officially potty trained at two years and seven months (thank goodness!), but still wears diapers at nighttime (fine by me!). She went to school with big girl panties on and didn’t have any accidents and we haven’t looked back since. Sure, there is the occasional accident, but Brayden was so proud of her that she made a sign for her that says, “Good job, Hanleigh. Good job for going big girl potty. I am SO  proud of you and Daddy also Mommy are proud of you, too. Love, Brayden. P.S. Remember tell your teachers if you have to go potty.” and taped it to her chair at the kitchen table. Hanleigh (finally!) got her first haircut. We were sick of her looking like Billy Ray Cyrus, but we were concerned that by chopping her locks, that she would lose those precious curls. Not the case as there is still a nice wave to her hair.

Hanleigh has also decided to forgo naps about 60% of the time (not so good for us). It is this part of the day that is critical for some “down time” for all of us to sit in peace, gather our thoughts, and just “be”. Unfortunately, the kids don’t realize that this time is just as critical for them as it is for us. When naps don’t happen, the evening can turn from good to ugly…FAST! Brayden dropped her naps around three-years old, but we still enforced “quiet time” in her room for a couple of years. We may need to start doing that with Hanleigh, too (although there have been many afternoons where Trent has been mowing the lawn, only to find her peeking through her blinds!). One day, we realized the relinquishing of naps and its consequences harsher than we would’ve preferred. Trent was outside blowing leaves and Brayden was playing with him while I was out running errands. Hanleigh was supposed to be sleeping. I came home, only to find her appear from around a corner with purple rain boots on with an impish little voice saying, “Whatcha doin’, Mommy?” I knew Trent would never leave her inside by himself, so I scooped her up and asked him if he knew she was awake. It was a surprise to him, too. She had gotten out of her bed, opened the baby gate to her room, walked down the hall, opened the baby gate to the stairs, walked down the stairs, and was having a little party. For how long, no one knows. Therefore, we have implemented mission “tie a rope to her baby gate” to lock it really well during naps. So far, that’s foolproof. We also added doorknob locks to every outside door. She could’ve escaped! Needless to say, it made my heart skip a beat.

I think we have a serious reader on our hands. Brayden is checking books out of the library that are designated for up to nine-year olds. She stays in her room around bedtime reading and she wakes up and reads. And, I hesitated putting this in the post because it is a bit embarrassing for Brayden, but I know we’ll look back on this one day and laugh about it. In the middle of the month, we were driving in the car (the best place for open conversations to take place) and she said to me, “Mom, I decided on March 1st that I will not be eating my boogers anymore. I have stopped doing that now.” I told her I was proud of her and that I thought that was a good goal to set (reminded me of a New Year’s resolution or something!). Too funny. So far, I think she’s “weaned” herself.


  • “When I’m president, I’m gonna make a rule that kids don’t have to do any chores and that adults have to do chores.”  Trent told her, “When you’re President, you’re gonna be an adult so you’ll have to do chores.” Not sure that she liked this concept.


  • When we tuck her in at night, she has a fleece blanket that has chickens all over it. I asked her one time if she wanted “chicka chicka blanket” to which she responded, “It’s not chicka chicka blanket. It’s chicka chicka boom boom. Look who’s coming, it’s black eyed pea.” What in the world does that mean? She now says this all the time when you call it a blanket.
  • “Pacooter”=computer

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