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Fall Festivities

September seemed to be a bit more low key than previous months this year, so this will likely be a shorter post than the others. It is probably attributed to the fact that school is back in session and our lives are in more of a routine than this summer. We wrapped up the summer with a labor day pool party at Dad’s and then took Brayden to Carowinds on the actual holiday (while Mom watched both Hanleigh and Cooper…they are such good buddies!). Our neighbors joined us with their daughter (and Brayden’s friend/classmate) and we had a blast. We kicked things off by riding the Intimidator, which worked out well. For those of you who don’t know, I love rollercoasters but they don’t love me. My (here’s a big word for you) neurocardiogenic sycope kicks in and with all the ups and downs I get lightheaded, lose vision…all good times. This time it didn’t really happen (much), so I am getting better at navigating my way through the rides.

We joined Dad and Christel for a Panthers game (rode the light rail downtown), which was a great time, even though we lost. Mom and David joined me for the Matisyahu concert one evening. It was quite the experience. Going to a concert with your mom is always interesting. It was crowded, loud, and fun…but maybe not everyone’s cup of tea. Mom, maybe you and I should stick to the festivals where there is more space? The girls and I met Kendall and the boys for an afternoon hike one day and the kids had so much fun going on an adventure and feeding the ducks. We enjoyed lunch with GG and Dadaw and a playdate with our neighbors. Trent went to Raleigh for work for the week, capitalizing on the fact that State played Clemson on Thursday night. His team helped build a porch for a Habitat for Humanity house while he was there as well. His company also recently announced that they are moving their offices to NCSU’s Centennial Campus, which is really cool as it will give them campus benefits and access to better technology, plus the location is ideal for meeting with other organizations and customers.

I enjoyed my 2nd annual girls’ beach trip to Oak Island with Leslie, Carol, and Steph. We made another name for ourselves at Chasers (total dive bar) and had a great time laughing, reminiscing, inventing things, and just enjoying a wonderful girls’ weekend. The waiter at the restaurant even remembered us from last year (not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing!). Having awesome girlfriends is such a blessing. It’s nice to have that time to connect with one another.


  • After tucking her in bed one night, she said (in reference to the fact that I pretty much am dressed in exercise clothes with a ponytail everyday), “Mom, when are you gonna wear your hair down? When you have a date night or some other fancy stuff (eye roll)? Ugh!”


  • When talking about herself one day, she pointed to herself and said, “This is a silly person right here.”

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