November 2013
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Love & Thanks

Brayden had her 1st grade parent-teacher conference, which went extremely well. She received all 3s (highest you can score) on her report card and the teachers notified us that she (along with her BFF) are the best readers in the class. She said Brayden listens extremely well during class and even helps mentor other children. That makes a parent so proud, although we did wonder if the same child comes home with us each night. Brayden is a great kid, but the listening skills could be improved at times. Regardless, it is so wonderful knowing that your child is exceling at school and loves it so much. Brayden is such an avid reader, so much so that we often find her hiding under her sheets at night with a light trying to read just a few extra pages. She continues to go to the enrichment classes that are provided to the select few in her class who need more of a challenge in both math and reading. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Go MISS B! You rock!

We cooked breakfast for the NCSU/UNC game and even though the game was horrible, our food was fabulous. I channeled some creative energy and named each food item something related to kicking some heel’s butt. Examples included: “(Wolf) Packin’ the Heat”, “Ain’t Nobody Gonna (Tar)Hole Us Down”, “Ram It Up Your (Fruit Bowl)”, Carolina (BOO) Berry Muffins”, and “Tarheel Blood(y) Mary’s”. Let’s just say it was a rebuilding year for State (we didn’t win one ACC game…yes, I’m serious), given the fact that we have a new coach who is working with the a team the previous coach built. We have two quarterbacks who were vying for playing time each game so neither got a dedicated amount of time on the field. Let’s just hope the off season brings some incredible recruits! At least there is basketball, right?

Abby and I went and saw a very interesting production of Sleeping Beauty and my, was it weird. Definitely a different take on the classic fairytale. Let’s just say that it ended with the “prince” (who doubled as a vampire/fairy) converting Sleeping Beauty into a vampire and the last scene ended with them hand-in-hand with their new, fake baby who was also a vampire/fairy. Wow. Oh, and did I mention that there was not one word or song uttered the entire time…just dancing, which was beautiful by the way. The story was pretty easy to follow, but totally unexpected. Here’s to the arts!

I took the girls to Lowe’s for a Build & Grow event (it was Hanleigh’s first one, so she got her own apron) where they built race cars. They had a blast building them. I also enjoyed a girls’ night out at Cowfish (love that place!) getting to know friends and a neighbor even better (need more of these nights, by the way).

November was full of love as well. My dad married Christel on 11/12/13 and we are so excited to have her as part of the family. Their wedding was intimate and lovely and we enjoyed getting to know her extended family during the reception. Welcome to the family, Christel. The girls are excited to spend more time with their new grandma! The second wedding was that of my good friend and co-worker, Laura. She married the love of her life in Jackson, MS on 11/15/13 and the reception was just stunning. A couple of my co-workers traveled there and three of us enjoyed watching Laura get ready for the wedding in the hotel. She was such a beautiful bride! It brought me back to the excitement of Trent and my big day and just how emotionally overwhelming it is to have everyone in your life that you know and love in the same place, on the same day. I met some of her best friends as well as her husband and wish her the best. Cheers to love!!!

Brayden enjoyed a birthday party at a kids’s spa where they got manis, pedis, and facials. It was quite adorable. We enjoyed dinner out with the family where Hanleigh proceeded to say, “Hey you guys!” and then moon the entire restaurant. That child is such a character. Trent attended a luncheon at Hanleigh’s school and we enjoyed Thanksgiving at The Burds’ house, where 19 family members gathered for a delicious meal and good company. We brought some deviled eggs and a corn pudding. Yum!

In big news, we are officially DONE with diapers. Hanleigh had been waking up consistently dry for a week or so and Trent decided one night to just put her in big girl panties. She’s only had one accident overnight since. Unfortunately, since this wonderful new change in our lives, she has decided to exchange diapers for coming into our room at least once in the middle of the night just to stand there while we are sleeping until one of us wakes up. Lucky for me (sense the sarcasm?), she always comes to my side and since I’m a light sleeper, I scoop her up and return her to bed. This interrupted sleep has me feeling like I have an infant again. Mama needs her rest. Part of the deal with not having diapers was that she would get a big girl bed. I think we will have to use that as leverage to encourage her to remain put at night. Regardless of all of this, the fact remains that we are finished with diapers, which makes things so much easier for traveling, budget, and logistics in general.


  • Before Dad & Christel’s wedding, Hanleigh asked if Grandpa was going to wear a dress to which I responded, “Grandpa doesn’t wear a dress. He’s going to wear a suit and look handsome.” She then said, “Then who is the princess?”
  • During Dad & Christel’s wedding, Hanleigh whispers (you could hear a pin drop), “When are they going to dance?”

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