March 2015
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Running, Records, and Really Bad News

March was a relatively low-key month for us. We attended some birthday parties, I had a work trip to Oconee for a large, virtual meeting I’ve been planning for the past six months, and Brayden had a field trip to the Nature Museum. I remember going there when I was a child, so it is pretty neat that they still take the kids there to learn! We went to watch Emilia at her gymnastics meet where she did amazing! Our friends we met through the Mazzolas, the Lowes, came over for dinner one evening and it was so awesome to see them! Trent spent a few days in Raleigh for work and we concluded the month with our annual, most favorite weekend ever: the Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston, SC.

It was much colder than it typically is, but it was sunny and that was most important. We discovered some new restaurants that were phenomenal, one of which was Craftsman Kitchen & Taphouse. It was so incredibly delicious that we will definitely go back. Both Trent and I set our own personal records this year for the run and we were very proud of ourselves. Of course, it makes sense considering this race was right on the heels of our half marathon. Trent made sure to let me know he beat me by 32 seconds. Damn! There’s always next year! As always, it was another fabulous weekend surrounded by our close friends. The girls were watched by Aunt Patty and had a blast playing in the hot tub, watching a movie, and baking cupcakes!

Here were our stats:

Name: Trent Jones
Net time: 

Name: Becca Jones
Place: 3439
Net time: 0:53:10
Pace: 8:34

Unfortunately, when we returned to our room from the race, I had a disturbing message on my phone. Peapod was at the kennel and they had found him Saturday morning slumped over his bed in a very lethargic state. They thought he either had a seizure or a stroke, but weren’t certain. Long story short, they gave him antibiotics, but nothing seemed to help. He was unresponsive, couldn’t stand, eat, or hold his body temperature steady on his own. We had to make one of the most difficult decisions ever (but the most humane and kind) and let him be free to go to doggie heaven. Our next post will be solely dedicated to him, so stay tuned for that. It’s taken some time (and many tears) to write it, but I want it to be as wonderful as he was, because he deserves it!


  • When talking to me one day in the car, she said, “I can’t remember. Did Daddy or Peapod marry you?”, to which I said, “Daddy. Why?” She said, “Because of the picture in your bedroom with Peapod in one of those things that a marrying daddy wears.” (She was talking about the picture of Peapod wearing a tuxedo in my wedding portrait).

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