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LEAF, Bridges, and Dirt

May was yet another fabulous month with lots of traveling and adventures. We enjoyed dinner with some friends and participated in the Ballantyne Fun Run. The girls ran the entire mile with us! They did so great! We attended a Cinco de Mayo party, went to Carowinds and Brayden began taking tennis lessons. She is quite the little player and is a natural at it.  We spent a weekend in the mountains at the Lake Eden Arts Festival (LEAF). It was very kid-friendly and equally interesting to say the least. Even though we stayed in “family camping”, there was noise from all the drum circles late into the evening. We attended a didgeridoo workshop, the kids (and Kyle) rolled down a large grassy hill, swam in the lake, and we lived out of tents for three days. The food was delicious and there was some awesome people-watching going on from bumblebees on stilts to brass jam bands. The kids had an absolute blast and managed to embrace their festival feet once they knew they wouldn’t be having a shower until we returned home on Sunday. We were in good (stinky) company, though. It’s nice to know our girls can rough it! We shared that weekend with Trent’s 41st birthday and Mother’s Day, so that made it even more special.

The next weekend, Trent and I headed to Charleston for our friend’s wedding. We rented a cozy little carriage house in the battery area (where all the mansions are) and spent a romantic weekend together. The wedding was warm, but was at the base of the Cooper River Bridge, so the view and sunset were spectacular. I just love weddings, especially when the crowd eagerly gets on the dance floor and you know it’s gonna be a late evening. We took the party to the Market Pavilion Hotel where they had a DJ and an outdoor pool. It was packed, posh, and just awesome!

We enjoyed a family night and improv at Brayden’s school, lunch with GG and Dadaw, and I cashed in a massage at the spa with some much needed R&R by the pool. We had fun with our neighbors at a Memorial Day pool party and I visited Raleigh for a few days to prepare for a big customer event. Trent spent a night just with Brayden enjoying a movie at school and then took her bowling and to lunch the next day while I traveled to Greensboro for the Dirty Girl Mud Run with a few friends. We had an absolute blast getting down and dirty (and enjoying beer afterward!).


  • We always watch America’s Funniest Videos as a family on Sunday night. She was upstairs watching a video with me of a kid skateboarding who totally racks himself on a armrail and yells out, “Yikes. Right in the nuts!”


  • “Mama, police can drive wherever they want off the road right? Because they’re in charge of all the planets.”
  • “You know there’s people that talk in your head, right? And they sound just like you. They say the same thing you’re going to say.”
  • “You know that God is boss”
  • “For Peapod’s birthday, we should throw biscuits into the air for him to catch.”

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