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Football Season, Friends, and a Fantastic Concert!

September was a very quiet month as compared to the months leading up to it, which was a relief. School was back in session and football season kicked off! NC State played South Carolina at Bank of America Stadium over Labor Day weekend, so we rounded up a bunch of our friends for a fun day of tailgating downtown before heading into the game. Ticket prices were SO expensive, so we cheaped out for upper deck seats. The game was fun, even though we lost. We spent the next day with the Farrells at the Whitewater Center. We were there basically from 10am-9pm having a great time! Tonya, Mike, Kaitlyn, Brayden, and I went rafting together on the adventure course…Brayden was pretty nervous and didn’t want to go on the higher-class rapids, so we let her “abandon ship” before we navigated that section. I didn’t want to force her into something she wasn’t ready for and risk her not ever doing it again, so we dropped her off near the start so she could wait for us to finish. Meanwhile, Trent took Hanleigh to the test out the ropes courses. She had never done this before and had a blast! We climbed the deep water solo wall, Trent and Kaitlyn rafted together, we had lunch, watched the kids on the climbing wall (Hanleigh reached the top!), and enjoyed dinner, bluegrass bands, and fireworks. Tonya picked up our dogs halfway through and brought them to hang out, but Maxie wasn’t the biggest fan of the loud noises.

We went to the girls’ dine and dash dinner event one evening, then, that weekend, attended the NC State/Marshall football game (we won!). I had gathered a group of 11 girls to see Bruno Mars in concert one evening as well. We all dined at The Cellar at Duckworth’s and it was delicious! But, the best part of the evening was the concert. It literally was one of the best concerts I’ve been to in terms of him being a performer. I hardly sat down at all, even though we were in the nosebleed section. I would see him in concert over and over again! Highly recommend it! State played Furman at home the next weekend (we won!) and Trent/Hanleigh hosted their monthly Y Guide gathering at our house. We had lunch with GG & Dadaw and then began preparations for the State/Syracuse game. It was our turn to cook and given the fact that it was a 12:30pm kickoff, we knew we would serve breakfast. Now that we live three hours away from Raleigh, cooking for about 20 people is a bit challenging. To solve that issue, we stayed at a hotel that had a kitchen where we prepped chicken and waffles, cinnamon roll casserole, fruit, ham & grits (thanks, Slim!), and pineapple mimosas. It was a hit! Trent also bought a large tailgating speaker, complete with microphone, which got some use by the kids and our friend, Greg (thank you, “All Night Long” and “Africa” for being our requisite songs that we sing every time we are all together).


  • “I’m the creator of China!”
  • “I’m going to drink my lemonade. Everyone say chug.” Oh my goodness…#college #onlyinfirstgrade #wevebeenexpectingyourcall
  • “Look! That house is for sale and there is a grandma doing yardwork. I bet she comes with the house.”
  • “Would you rather eat cookies and milk OR a poop sandwich with mashed potatoes eyeballs, nose hairs, boogers, and blood?” This was a question for Trent since he can’t stand cookies dipped in milk. Umm, easy choice.
  • We were watching “How It’s Made”, so I said, “What do you think they’ll make next?” She said, “Maybe a person.” I said, “Oh, how do you do that?” She said, “Put some meat together until it’s done.”

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