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Field Hockey, Football, Fun Run, & Fabulous Concerts!

September was another great month! We enjoyed a nice dinner out with GG & Dadaw. It is always so great to see them! Brayden’s field hockey practices ramped-up again as well as her games. This season, her team has made exceptional strides in their playing skills and teamwork. It was awesome to see them all passing the ball to each other much more strategically and they communicated with each other much better. This all resulted in way more wins than last season. It was great to watch and Brayden absolutely loves playing!

We got the girls’ passports renewed in anticipation of spring break next year. Renewing a child’s passport is a lot more intensive than renewing an adult’s because they have to get renewed every five years and it requires a lot more documentation. It’s really cute to see all the places they’ve been so far and wonder what new stamps they will get on this new one. Hanleigh began taking hip hop classes and she absolutely loves them! She’s taking them with one of her best friends from school and her classes will culminate in June with a big performance at one of the larger venues in Charlotte. I’m so impressed with how quickly they learn dance moves during each 45-minute class.

We went to the NC State vs. Western Carolina football game, which was awesome but very hot, as is to be expected. Hanleigh’s Y Guides tribe hosted their monthly meeting at our house and they did very cool science experiments for their activities. Gone are the days of making crappy arts and crafts that end up just getting trashed once people get home. Let’s learn instead! One Saturday morning, Kendall and Owen joined us for the C2 Obstacle Course 5K at Camp Thunderbird. This was so much fun and the obstacles, while not difficult, gave us a pretty good calorie burn. One of the last obstacles was a steep slip n’ slide down one of the hills. The kids went on it multiple times and it was great watching them laugh like crazy. We celebrated our victory at a local tiki bar on the water with the Whitcombs, who also did the race.

The next day, Brayden and I had an afternoon date to do goat yoga. Yes, you read that correctly. We layed out our mats while about 15 goats tramped around all of the yogis. The class was not difficult at all, but it was highly entertaining! We were allowed to hold the goats and in some cases the goats jumped up on people’s backs. Once class concluded, the instructor let us get in various yoga positions while she placed a goat on top of us. Brayden did a wheel pose with a baby goat on her stomach and then the two of us did a double plank with a goat on her back. Right at the end, a goat pooped all over my mat. I figured it was bound to happen. It literally was the most happy environment ever! I cannot wait to go back and share the experience with others. 

The next week, I went to San Jose for a staff meeting. It was good to meet my team’s new leader and exchange ideas. Brayden started up with year two of her Cotillion classes, which is good to see her continuing. Trent and I attended the 10 Years concert, a rock band that we have liked for many years. It was at Amos’ Southend, which is a very small event venue and an excellent place for seeing bands. The next day, we woke up and headed back to Raleigh for the NC State vs. Ball State game, and it was our turn to cook. We made both steak and chicken tacos along with all the accoutrements, including fruit and brownies. The weather was great and we had a very large turnout for tailgating. Now we get to sit back and enjoy the rest of the season and just eat the food that other people cook! 

I enjoyed an awesome night out with three of my great friends that are part of the Selfish 7 dinner club that we have. Trent and I saw some really awesome country bands in concert one evening: Ryan Hurd (who we actually missed because we were at dinner still), Jordan Davis, and old Dominion. We had seventh row, too. The seats were incredible!!! We have seen both Jordan Davis and old Dominion in concert a couple times and they did not disappoint. I cannot wait to see them again!!! Brayden went to the mountains with one of her good friends for a couple nights where they had a dessert-baking competition and attended an Appalachian State field hockey game. We also had a neighborhood date night and went to Haymaker. I was thinking this was a new restaurant that we hadn’t tried, but when we got there we quickly realized we already had eaten there before. My memory isn’t the best!


  • This is so great. Brayden asked us if the song says “I went to the danger zone” or “Highway to the danger zone”


  • “Myers, I’m going to give you a quiz. What was running with Maxie? Was it A: a pickle, B: a potato, or C: a Tonya?”
  • She asked Trent if everything was in black and white when he was younger (as in the world, not on television).

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