January 2021
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Sleepovers, Style, Bees, & Birthdays

Well, hello there, 2021! As many people have already said, everyone thought that turning the calendar over to a new year would mean an instant cleansing of everything crazy that happened last year with the pandemic. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Fortunately, it does seem like there’s some kind of light at the end of this crazy, long tunnel. Regardless of your stance on the vaccine, cases are plateauing (could be legit, could be media framing, who knows?) and there is a sense of hope. My hope is that at some point later this year, we are able to gather with all of our friends, hug people without being hesitant, and know that when we plan a trip somewhere it will not get canceled. Cheers to all of those things happening!

In the meantime, it was another great and very busy month. Aren’t they all? We had dinner with Nina and Keith at Emmett’s Social Table, which is always tasty. One evening, both girls had friends come over and spend the night, so we had about six lovely ladies under one roof. I think the older girls were up till 3:30am, which makes for a sleepy teenager the next day. Brayden continued playing her select field hockey, with practices twice a week and the occasional game. The local field she plays on is a county parks and rec field, so they have been closed due to the pandemic and practices have resumed at a local private college’s field. 

Two of the Triple B’s, Becky and Heather, came to Charlotte for a weekend! We had an absolute blast, of course. We made some delicious food on Friday night, then on Saturday, we had lunch at Suffolk Punch, walked the Rail Trail to Wooden Robot brewery, and enjoyed some beautiful weather and brews. We returned home to play some hilarious games and then had a delicious meal at Foxcroft Wine Company. The next morning, we took a four-mile walk on the local Greenway and just talked and talked. These type of get-togethers with close friends are so good for the soul during these crazy times, but always, in general!

Hanleigh celebrated Mila’s birthday by ice skating at the Whitewater Center and then spending the night at her house…I think they may have stayed up until 3:00a.m. as well. She is completely consumed with making TikTok videos and while I don’t see them right when they are filmed, I see them when I put together this post and they crack me up. She’s aware that I see them all and doesn’t even care. She’s so animated and dramatic in those videos…well, in real life, too! Hanleigh went ice skating with her Y Guides tribe while Brayden I enjoyed our first pedicure in over a year. Our puppies were barking! Brayden and I joined Samara, Cora, Heather, and Marli for dinner at OGGI, which was delicious as always. It’s very interesting to see how Brayden’s fashion sense is evolving over time. While she is still uber casual, she’s not into leggings anymore unless it involves exercise and has replaced them instead with very ripped up high-waisted mom jeans. She thinks they are so cool. I secretly smile and wonder how long this trend will last. I remember how it was when I was her age and I’m sure my mom rolled her eyes as well. Heck, at least she’s not in t-shirts as much. And while her fashion sense is super chill, she has gotten seriously into eye makeup, complete with liquid black eyeliner and brown-toned eyeshadow. I do have to admit, she does a damn good job of applying it. I just like to take a back seat, watch her finding herself and what she’s into, and then watching it change.

Hanleigh had her monthly Y Guides meeting, we all went to the Dunlap’s house for dinner, and Trent and I continued to research materials for our kitchen such as tiles and countertops. We are so close signing the contracts for the appliances and the entire project (I feel like I say that every month!). It is still a three-month lead time before construction will begin, but at least I can see that it’s approaching. We’ve decided to go ahead and have all of our hardwood floors refinished as well. I know I will love the result, but may need to practice some serious meditation while the demo is happening and when we are ousted out of our home.

Trent and I had an awesome date night at Little Mama’s, where he was very disciplined and didn’t eat any bread. For the entire year, he has been following a keto diet, maintaining ketosis with the goal of losing 11 lbs. I’m so proud of him because as of today, he actually hit his goal weight. Maintaining it will be the challenge, but I know he can do it and resume a normal diet afterward. 

The next day, Kyle, Cooper, the girls, and I went to visit GG & Dadaw and had an absolute blast. They were all kinds of people getting thrown under the bus, wish I know made both of them chuckle. The visit went by way too fast!!! That night, we celebrated Mom’s birthday all together with some delicious barbecue from the smoker! Happy 69th birthday, Mom. You are the best! Brayden was promoted to the Tucks gymnastics class, where they focus on perfecting their back and front tucks, all while keeping up their back handsprings. Both girls are so nimble and flexible!

Trent and I visited Daltile and Ferguson’s to look at tile, and sinks/faucets/lights, respectively. We also had another amazing evening with Kyle and Mom. Trent had his F3 board meeting at the house as well. Well it feels like groundhog day every single day, it is nice having things not be as hectic as they typically are, which makes you really appreciate much more in life. La Vie Est Belle!

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