April 2021
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(Spring) Break, Bye Bye Braces & Kitchen!

It was so exhilarating packing all of our suitcases and stepping on to that jetbridge. Finally, after an entire year, our family of four was able to take a vacation together via airplane. A year ago, we were bound to the house, quarantining our mail, and wiping groceries down with disinfectant. However, this year was different. We found ourselves flying to Miami, renting a car, and driving down to Islamorada where we would spend the next week at the Postcard Inn. One of Trent’s friends recommended this place and said they had an absolutely amazing time. We would as well! It is a beautiful property with a boutique vibe…not too big, but with just the right amount of amenities: two pools, water sports, gorgeous water, a DJ by the pool, excellent food, and delicious cocktails. We had an oceanfront room and were greeted by amazing sunrises and sunsets each day.

This trip was made even more special because the Mazzolas joined us for a couple of days! When they arrived, the party ensued. We had a fabulous dinner at the tiki bar and played a bit of nighttime four-square beach volleyball. The next day, we ventured to one of the sister properties for the kids to play in the water on the trampoline and just chilled out by the pool. It was so relaxing. The next day was Emilia’s 15th birthday and I was lucky enough to go scuba diving with both her and Brayden. This was the first time that the two girls had dove together. Our first dive was incredible! We saw a ton of nurse sharks, grouper, barracuda, and your typical reef fish. I’m so glad I brought the GoPro on that dive. Check it the video.My heart was so full getting to do something so special and peaceful with these two lovely ladies. I’m so proud of Brayden for having the courage to scuba dive, but most importantly for sharing the love of the ocean that I as have well. We went out to dinner that night and had the most amazing ahi tuna tacos (they are served on wontons)! Happy birthday, E!

The next day, the Mazzolas headed home while we continued relaxing at the property, paddle boarding, playing the ring toss game and (the girls were very good at this!), and laying by the pool. We continued our mission to find the perfect key lime pie. We ate them every night after dinner and compared them to the previous evening’s dessert. The best one we had by far was from Islamorada Fish Company. It was served in a cappuccino mug and had the most amazing graham cracker crumble crust. To work off all those desserts, each morning, we either went on a four-mile run or I set up shop underneath a palapa and did a workout video. It’s always nice to start each morning with a workout! We drove around the island a bit, checked out two of the other sister properties, and later had an incredible dinner at Square Grouper (burrata salad, Prisoner cabernet, need I say more?). The next night we ate at Caio Hound, which was on property. The next morning, we took an amazing catamaran and snorkeling trip and saw lots of barracuda. The visibility was not very good, but it made up for being on the open water and taking in the salty air! Happiest on a boat! We followed that excursion up with lunch at Lazy Days. Our spring break was incredible and we would definitely the stay at the Postcard Inn again.

In other exciting news, Brayden got her braces off! I swear she looks three years older without them. Her teeth look beautiful and she will wear retainers the next few months during the day and then from there on out, only at night time. She continued her bi-weekly field hockey practices and games as well. I had an awesome dinner with some friends at Julie’s house one evening, and we also met up with the Dunlaps and their new dog, Boone, for a delicious lunch one afternoon. He is a gorgeous labradoodle puppy and I know having a dog in their household will definitely be a change for them, but he’s absolutely adorable. In other dental news, Hanleigh had two teeth removed in order to prepare for braces once the permanent teeth are fully grown. That evening, I enjoyed relaxing massage.

Trent has been doing some challenging workouts recently, one of which is known as a CSAUP (completely stupid and utterly pointless). For this one, they ran five miles to a workout site, did an entire workout, and ran five miles back to where they started. Why not? Hanleigh’s friend, Kameron, spent the night while Brayden attended Melanie’s birthday party at a putt-putt course. Trent and I enjoyed a spontaneous date night at 131 Main after aimlessly driving around town trying to find a restaurant without a wait.

Lastly, on the eve of our kitchen demolition day, we said goodbye to the island just like we said hello to it when we moved into the house way back in 2012… the kids planked on the island and we danced on top of it, including Myers. Demo occurred the next day and it was incredible to watch the men from Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore take everything away for a good cause. The next few months will be an adventure to say the least. I can’t wait to see our vision for such a fabulous gathering space, where timeless memories will be made, come to a reality.


  • H: Kam is “shipping” me with people.
  • Me: What does that mean?
  • H: She’s matching me with boys in my class and then I have to rate the match. So far, everyone is just a three.
  • Me: So, who is your crush?
  • H: I don’t have a crush on anyone at my school.
  • (Kam whispers that her crush is Liam).
  • H: My crush is not Liam. He’s as short as Mila. I’m not going to date anyone shorter than me.
  • Me: Well, what if you are always tall?
  • H: Then I guess I’ll just be a single pringle.

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