2007,  Brayden,  September

Brayden is 11-Month’s Old!

This month began Brayden’s first experience of being reared as a Wolfpup. She has now gone to two home football games and has done great. She even clapped after some penalties went in State’s favor last weekend. I taught her the referee signals for time out, holding, and face mask! She is a tailgater extraordinaire and already shows spirit in her Wolfpack colors! We had a visit from Dad/Barb, Aunt Patty (who encouraged Brayden to play hooky for the second time!), went to beach with the Mazzolas (last beach trip this year-sob, sob!), and Mom visited as well. Miss B went to her first “Pops in the Park” concert to hear some soothing classical music and we have assembled her “rocking moose” that her grandparents bought her. She was scared of it at first and now points to it and says “Da Dut.” She says that to everything. We are thinking it means “what’s that?” Miss B is cruising around more confidently now and is even braving walking with only one hand holding onto ours. It’s only a matter of time before we are chasing her!

View Photos | Watch Rocking Moose Video

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