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“Hey Man”, Happy New Year!

2009 is off to a great start! Trent’s mom and dad, along with his brother, Uncle Thad (“Fad” as Brayden calls him) came down from DC to visit us. We had an absolutely wonderful time with them and Brayden misses her uncle dearly! While they were here we saw Polar Express in 3D and Miss B wanted nothing to do with her glasses until the last five minutes. Go figure. We went to Roman’s first birthday party and had a great time there as well. I left for Phoenix on a business trip for a few days and then turned right around and we all flew to Louisville, KY to see extended family on my mom’s side. We hadn’t been there in two years and it was long overdue. I have 15 cousins (my mom is one of six kids) and once you add spouses in there, the parties get pretty large and rowdy. They know how to have a good time. The visit was amazing and I love them all dearly! We even hung out with my 93-year old grandma and 83-year old grandpa (yes, she robbed the cradle!). Brayden also started another gym class, which she absolutely loves and looks forward to all week. There is a trampoline, slides, and a ball pit, among many things. In addition, Miss B got her first haircut! She wasn’t too happy at first (new environment), but once she sat on my lap, she calmed down. We only trimmed off about two inches, but it looks so much better! Of course, we kept the hair and I was a bit sad since those were the hairs she was born with. Another sign our little girl is growing up. Boo hiss.

In other news, Brayden made HUGE strides this month. She is now wearing her big girl panties all day long and has only had a few accidents (she peed on her teacher’s leg one day-oops!). But, she is doing awesome. It usually takes some coaxing to get her into the bathroom at home, so we let her pick out two things to take with her (this ends up being a mix of legos, stuffed animals, books, or her cell phone). And, of course, no trip to the bathroom is complete without bribery. M&Ms work wonders!

I’m glad we have this blog because it’s a great vehicle to document Brayden’s hilarious sayings and thoughts. Lately, during all meals, she insists we say blessing and here is how it transpires:

Brayden: “We need hold hands and close eyes. But, I not say hey man.”

She thinks that “Amen” is “Hey Man”. Too funny! Also, the other day, she was carrying around the cell phone from her play kitchen and Trent asked her if she was on the phone, to which she responded, “I’m not on the phone, Dad. I’m checking emails.” The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, huh?

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