January 2014
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I sit here writing this post amidst a power outage due to the February snow storms while Hanleigh is playing with the train set on the floor and I’m trying be creative with things for the kids to do while keeping my sanity. But, alas, my computer battery only has 30 minutes left, so it’s time to crank out a post. More to come in February on how this turns out.

We enjoyed ice skating with our neighbors and Brayden really took to the ice. She’s only been twice now and is pretty good at it. We kept up with the ice theme and went to a Checkers hockey game the next evening. The kids (and adults) had a great time. The next weekend was a fabulous girls’ night out with dinner at 5Church and then onto the Jay-Z concert. I was thoroughly impressed at how he commanded the stage without any back-up dancers or hoopla going on around him. He simply had four people up on raised platforms playing guitar, drums, keyboards, and turntables…one of which was the always-entertaining and talented DJ, Timbaland. I would definitely go see Jay-Z again. He kept the crowd hype.

Hanleigh enjoyed a playdate with her BFF, Brody. It was so cute to watch the two of them play so well together, especially since we hear about him almost every day. Hanleigh often calls Brayden “Brody” by accident and out of habit, but it’s cute because we know she thinks of him often. We had another sprinkle for my college friend, Kristy, who had a beautiful baby girl. There is about eight of us who get on Google Hangouts and it’s kind of like an online reunion of sorts. Pretty fun to catch up. We need to get all of us back together in person for another girls’ weekend, though (but there is always someone who is prego).

I went to San Antonio for a week-long work event, which was nice, but that’s about the length of time I like away from my hubbie and girls before I really am homesick. I honestly don’t know how sales people do it…these road warriors. No thanks. It’s so much indulgence in overpriced, delicious food and wine, no time for exercise, etc. It sounds glamorous, but I don’t envy people that travel extensively for their jobs at all. Don’t get me wrong, I think the percentage of my job that involves travel is the perfect amount and am happy for those breaks from the monotony of working from home…I just wouldn’t want to do it much more than I do. Trent enjoyed a guys’ night out with his F3 friends to see “Lone Survivor” and the girls started gymnastics classes. They LOVE LOVE LOVE picking out their leotards on Saturday mornings and we enjoy watching them on the ropes, uneven bars, balance beams, floor, vault, and foam pit (although it’s a bit hard to locate them amidst the other kids, teachers, and equipment). Hanleigh is having a blast playing around while working on her dexterity and hand/eye coordination and Brayden is really improving on her tumbling, handstands, and balance.

Hanleigh had a great time at a birthday party at a local splash park, Trent spent the week in Raleigh for work (he took the train this time) and restaurant week came around again, so we enjoyed some fabulous meals with our neighbors and friends. We hadn’t been to the Melting Pot in forever, so it was nice to go back! For Mom’s 62nd birthday, I treated her to a sushi lunch and then we went to Painting with a Twist to create our masterpieces. It’s amazing how a guided step-by-step process can actually take someone like me (who is an expert in stick figures) and convert them into an instant Monet. Mom already has the artistic gift, so I’m guessing that’s a trait that skips a generation. Trent and Brayden hosted the monthly Y Guides tribe meeting at our house, so Hanleigh and I were ousted to Chick-fil-A (her favorite restaurant). We continued with another great dinner out at Luce, followed by dancing downtown, which kept Trent and I out ‘till 2:30am. We had a blast…that is, until the next morning. Oye! Sometimes I forget I’m 36. The month wrapped up with a delicious lunch with Kyle, Mom, and Trent before it ended abruptly due to the first snowfall (and early school closing) of the winter. More to come on that in next month’s post.

The most exciting news of the month (this may seem silly to anyone but those in our household)…big girl beds are back! We broke down Hanleigh’s toddler bed and purchased her a brand new double bed, of which she is over the moon! This all meant that Brayden got her sleigh bed back as well, so her bed now has the headboard and footboard its been missing since Hanleigh was born. Thanks, Brayden, for sharing with sissy! We’ve only had one night where Hanleigh fell out of her bed and the fall isn’t too far, so it’s been a great transition. Brayden was bummed that there is no longer a “baby bed” in the house (it’s now tucked away in the attic for MANY years from now when we become grandparents). We felt it was best to keep at least one of the mementos from when they were babies to pass down as an heirloom.


  • Brayden is learning so much in school and WAY earlier than I ever did (or, at least recall having learned those topics). She schooled me on the phases of the moon and how it goes from (I’m sure I will screw this up) new moon > waxing crescent > quarter moon > waxing gibbous > full moon > waning gibbous > third quarter > waning crescent > full moon (by the way, I got that wrong on the first attempt and cheated by looking it up)
  • I was tucking Brayden in at night and said reminded her to do something when she said, “If you forget (in a sinister voice)…it’s on YOU!”
  • She was talking about Snoopy & Woodcock (yes, Woodcock) and asked, “How did Snoopy get his name?” when Trent gave her an answer. Then, Trent asked her, “How did Woodcock get his name?” and she said, “Because he likes wood.” Oh, boys will be boys.
  • Another night, I was reading a book to her that says, “Have you ever peed in a pool?” She check off “No.” So, I said, “Yes, you have.” Brayden responded with, “No, but I’ve peed in a lake. I’ve even pooped in lake.” I said, “Ugh, Brayden!” She stopped what she was doing and said, “What? Don’t judge me…it was little pieces.” 


  • One day, she asked Trent, “Daddy, do doggies have brains?”
  • Her favorite songs/jams on the radio are: “Say Something” (A Great Big World), “Cruise” (Florida Georgia Line), “Radioactive” (Imagine Dragons), and “I Need Your Love” (Ellie Goulding).

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