February 2016
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Greenways, Guides, & A Great Girl Getaway

February was another fun and busy month. Hanleigh continued taking gymnastics and is working on learning how to do cartwheels. It’s so cute to watch her try. Brayden is loving Girls on the Run and is very excited about her first 5k coming up in April. I’ll get to run with her, which will definitely be a nice memory to have. Brayden received a leadership award at school since she was nominated by her classmates as someone who represented the characteristics of a true leader. We were so proud of her and the student she is. I just hope she maintains her drive and good grades throughout middle and high school. Brayden continues to play tennis each week and is really getting good. I am hoping she’ll be able to enter some matches this spring and summer. She’s beat her coach a couple times already!

As you can expect, Charlotte had Panthers fever and the whole city was in a frenzy since they were in the Super Bowl. My dad and stepmom went to the big game and had a great time there, even though the Panthers lost. It was a tough day. I actually had a business trip the day after the game and when I flew out of the CLT airport, those who took the red eye from San Francisco had just landed. I wanted to go up to each of them and give them a big hug and say how sorry I was. The whole city was pretty somber that day, but as they say, “there’s always next year.” My work trip to Orlando was awesome, the show was a success, and as always, it was great to hang out with my fabulous co-workers. There’s never a shortage of laughter or dancing with them!

Hanleigh and Trent put Valentine’s Day shoeboxes together, Brayden had her Valentine’s dance at school, and I had a great dinner with some girlfriends. Trent and I joined Tonya, Slim, and Ashley for the Greenway 10-mile race on February 20 and had a blast. It was the perfect distance and everyone was pleased with their times. We kicked butt, got a medal, and a really cool hoodie (why else do you think I run these races?). There was even beer at the end! Right after we finished the race, we immediately met up with the F3 crew for a family hike at another local greenway. It was a day of exercise! Whew. That night, we capped it off with dinner to celebrate our friend’s birthday and then onto a comedy club. Hanleigh continued her swim lessons, Brayden’s Y Guide tribe went bowling, and there were birthday parties (we seem to have one a week these days!). Trent and Brayden enjoyed a Y Guide princess date night complete with a stretched limo and a stop at an ice cream place. The girls had a blast.

I spent the last weekend of the month visiting my best friend, Leslie, along with another fabulous friend, Carol. To say that we had a blast doesn’t even do that trip justice. We ate well, drank well, danced well, lived the high life for two days straight, and didn’t get nearly enough sleep. It was incredible and we nicknamed that trip the “Naples vault”. That city is so incredibly beautiful! We took a boat ride past all the gorgeous mansions and met people that were so friendly (and incredibly wealthy)…it really is an alternate universe there. Not real life at all, but still fun to visit nevertheless. I can’t wait to go back and visit her again soon, although that trip will be very hard to beat!


  • “If I went to outer space, I would bring my family, four popsicles, and Nikash” (her friend from school).

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