January 2016
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Happy New Year!

Here we are again, another month has passed and I’ve been delinquent once again. Someone recently told me that the days go by slow, but the years go by fast. I agree with that statement, but lately, the days even seem to fly by! What’s up with that? Anyway, January was a great month. I enjoyed my cousin’s baby shower, the girls continued to take tennis and gymnastics and are really enjoying these activities, and I had a fun girls’ night out to see the movie “Sisters” (highly recommend it…laughed the entire time). Trent had a nice guys’ weekend away with our neighbor and his friends to go skiing at Sugar Mountain while I stayed home with the kids and spent time with GG & Dadaw and attended birthday parties.

I traveled to Orlando for our annual planning meeting in advance of our conference in October. We get to preview the hotel, determine what sessions will be offered, and spend time with co-workers having a great time! I did battle with a low-frequency, inner ear infection for the entire month of January (and even into February), which made for an interesting scene while in Orlando. I was sitting in a chair one afternoon during a meeting and all of a sudden, my world started spinning with even the slightest movement. This sensation lasted for about 1.5 hours. I even had to be escorted to the next room so I didn’t fall down. All very strange, like some sort of vertigo. I ended up getting prescribed some Prednisone to correct the condition and that helped for the most part. Crazy!

Brayden put her name in for the lottery to be part of Girls on the Run. This is an organization that instills confidence, self-esteem and respect in young girls, while having them train to run a 5k race by the end of April! Last fall, Brayden wasn’t very interested in signing up as she wanted to train for a 5k with Trent and me. We told her that we run during the workday and weren’t sure when she would train with us. By the time January rolled around, she was excited to participate in it…she just needed to be picked in the lottery (since there are so many girls interested in the program at her school). Well, she was picked and now has practice two days a week for 75 minutes each. She loves it and is already up to running 1.5 miles! She is learning about inner beauty and so many other valuable life lessons!

Our neighborhood crew took a family ski trip up to Sugar Mountain again and had an absolute blast. The kids went to ski school one day while the adults had a great time on the slopes. We were able to ski another 90 minutes with the kids once their school let out, too! They all did really well and even got to ride the lifts! We spent Sunday at the tubing park laughing and screaming! We are really blessed to have amazing neighbors that are friends first!

January gave us a couple of snow days (albeit, laughable!), we celebrated my mom’s birthday out to lunch, had two date nights during restaurant week (with Trent’s F3 workout friends and our neighborhood crew), and were visited by Trent’s dad on his way back from Florida. The month concluded with a trip to Dallas to do some financial planning and we left with our heads about to explode. I’m glad there are people in the world that have these analytical minds that we can trust to make important decisions for us. It is so impressive!


  • Trent was tell her to get ready for bed, to which she turned to him and said, “What’s next, boss?”
  • Quotes directly from Hanleigh’s mouth while helping her brush her teeth (I can’t make this stuff up!):
    • “I’m gonna put my glorious butt on your face and make you famous.”
    • “I just farted on your tee-tee.”

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