September 2016
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Concert Craziness, Cool Trips, & the Coast

September was a music-filled month. I think I was at a concert every other week! We kicked off the month with all four of us attending the Dustin Lynch, Little Big Town, and Luke Bryan concert where it poured down rain on our drive there and right before the concert. They delayed it a bit, but that didn’t stop us from having a great time! Apparently, Luke played well beyond the noise ordinance time and was slapped with a hefty fee, but didn’t care. It’s all for the fans!

We spent Labor Day weekend at the Dunlap’s new beach house with four other incredible families and had an absolute blast! Their house is the most beautiful, tastefully decorated, amenity-filled beach house I’ve ever seen. No detail was left out! The house overlooks the intercoastal waterway at Ocean Isle Beach and has the most spectacular sunsets ever! All eight kids got along so well and the house was filled with a ton of energy. We made delicious meals each night and partied late on the back deck where things got a bit rowdy. Somehow, we even incorporated some exercise and made it a priority to spend as much time on the beach as possible.

The next weekend, I attended the Florida-Georgia Line concert with Kendall and Tonya and we had a blast. We even did a bit of tailgating beforehand with blanket in tow. I could literally go to a concert once a week and love every minute of it. Music fuels my soul! My fabulous neighbor treated me to a massage for a birthday present, we enjoyed lunch together and some time by the pool. Brayden had a TD (talent development) curriculum night where it was great to gain a better understanding of what is expected of her in this program throughout the year. They are really doing a great job of challenging the kids. She recently started an optional TD program where they are focusing on learning Latin stem words to grasp the origination of those words and their definitions.

We had one last dinner at the Buford’s home before they moved and attended our first NCSU football game of the season. Trent and Brayden spent the weekend in Myrtle Beach with Y Guides where they got to have a slumber party in the aquarium in the tunnel where the sharks and fish swim. What a cool experience! We capped off the month with another drive to Raleigh for a football game, but visited our favorite stomping ground for pizza in college, Lilly’s. It was really cool to introduce the kids to something that is so nostalgic for us. They loved it. After that, we went to the Raleigh Bluegrass Festival and jammed out to some banjo music!


  • I said to her, “Doritos are delicious on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.” to which she replied, “No, they’re not.” I said, “Hey, don’t judge. You’ve never tried it.” to which she responded, “So, I can judge all I want.” The sass is emerging in full effect these days!
  • “I know when daddy’s getting ready to go poop because he can smell home.” Seriously?

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