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Happy Birthday, Brayden Elizabeth!

Brayden ElizabethBrayden Elizabeth was born on Tuesday, October 17th at 1:53 AM.  She weighed 6 pounds and 10 ounces and was 20 inches long.

Labor began around 3:00 PM on Monday afternoon with contractions about 8 minutes apart.  When I got home from work, Becca handed me a sheet of paper with all her contractions on it.  We walked around the neighborhood and by that point they were around 4 minutes apart.  We called the doctor around 7 PM and he said to go ahead and come in.  When we arrived at the hospital at 9 PM, Becca was attached to the fetal monitor and was 7.5cm dilated!!!  This led to a rapid decision of whether she wanted an epidural or not.  She elected for one.  By 11 PM the epidural had kicked in and they decided to break her water.  We waited another 50 minutes to reach the full 10cm and zero station and at 11:52 PM she began to push.

Two hours later, at 1:53 AM little Brayden Elizabeth was born.  She had some extra fluid in her lungs and was taken to the nursery for a bath and suction from her lungs.  Mom finally got to hold Brayden at 4 AM.

All the grandparents made the trip to visit us in the hospital along with several friends.  We got home on Thursday around 1 PM and have been adjusting to Brayden’s routine and NO SLEEP.

Brayden is a little jaundiced and has been sleeping on a BiliBlanket® since Friday afternoon. She will continue sleeping on the blanket until her bilirubin count is back in normal range.

She is a wonderful blessing and we can’t describe in words the emotions we feel! It’s amazing how you can love something so much that you have only known for 4 days! Stay tuned for many more postings as she continues to grow and amaze us! Just as new parents do, we have taken tons of pictures.

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