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Easter, Events & An Eager Toddler

My wonderful Easter dress. hspace=Sorry about the delinquency in getting this post up…life happens. Anyway, April kept us in town nearly every weekend, which was really nice. We enjoyed Easter at home by decorating eggs, having an egg hunt, and going to church. Brayden continued playing soccer, with “playing” being the operative word. Many times, she was the only girl there (among 12 other boys) and was quick to notice. She said things like, “I don’t know how to play soccer” (to which I explained that no one there knows how, but everyone was there to learn), “there aren’t any girls” (can’t say much to that one) and “these people are not my friends” (technically, they aren’t her friends…just kids her age that she sees once a week). Needless to say, we are going to take a break from soccer and look into other activities. We may see what kind of dance classes there are and see if she likes those!

We attended Emilia’s fourth birthday party at My Gym and had a blast, as always. Trent and I went and had a couple’s massage as a belated Valentine’s gift (long story). We took Brayden to the NC Museum of Life & Science in Durham and had a blast. They have a walking dinosaur trail, a fossil dig, black bears, owls, wolves, and many other animals. The best was this bull that Trent kept mooing at and it would respond (see the video). Hilarious! We went to the NC State red/white football game to see how the team is shaping up and began getting our minds in tailgate mode. Leslie and I took the girls to see Cinderella (the play) at the performing arts center. They got all dolled up in their princess attire and had a great time! The last weekend of the month concluded with a wonderful girls’ only (read: adults) trip to Atlantic beach. This was our 2nd annual Triple B’s (don’t ask) trip and as always, we had an amazing time. There is something so refreshing about taking a trip with all girls and there is never any drama and everyone gets along. My stomach hurt from laughing so hard and even though I was the resident DD the entire weekend, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and a much needed break from reality.

The pregnancy is going well. As of the end of April, I was 26 weeks. This pregancy, although less comfortable than the last, is really flying by. I guess we need to figure out a name, decorate the nursery, and figure out the school situation. It’s crunch time!

On another note, we found out that Mimi (my grandmother) has a malignant tumor in her lung. It did not metastasize from anywhere else, which is good, because the treatment options and prognosis is actually the best it could be under the circumstances. She will have surgery soon, so please keep her, Dadaw, and the rest of the family in your prayers for a speedy and healthy recovery. We adore you Mimi. You are a fighter and we know you will conquer this like you have so many things in your life.

There have been a slew of hilarious Brayden-isms this month, and I am so glad that we are capturing as many of these as we can. I can’t wait to look back on all these hilarious sayings and thoughts of hers one day and laugh/cry. She is growing up right before our eyes. Where does the time go?

  • Putting B to bed one night while tickling her, she said, “Mom, can you go now?” I tickled her some more and she said, “Why are you taking so long?” She started laughing while getting tickled some more and said, “Mom, I need my space.”
  • One night after using the potty before bed, she walked into the bonus room with this matter-of-fact look, hand on her hip, and looked at Trent and said, “Dad, I want to see all this stuff put away in its place” (referring to his laundry on the coffee table).
  • Just like her dad, Brayden has perfected the art of altering song lyrics. Here’s one of her cuter ones: instead of Taylor Swift’s “You Belong with Me”, she says, “Bee-Boo belongs with me.”
  • “Where Do Babies Come From” Conversations Begin ALREADY!
    • Brayden: “Mommy, when will I get to hold Bee-Boo?”
    • Becca: “In August.”
    • Brayden: “When Bee-Boo is born, where will she come out of you?”
    • Becca: “When Bee-Boo is ready to be born, she will let me know and we will go to the hospital where the doctor will help us deliver her from this area (pointing to between my legs).”
    • Brayden: “Like where your pee and poop comes out?”
    • Becca: “Yes, but between those two places. There is another place that babies are born from.”
    • Brayden: “Oh.”
  • These are the comments that melt your heart…
    • Brayden: “Daddy, I didn’t cry at school today.”
    • Trent: “What do you mean?”
    • Brayden: “Sometimes at school, I cry because you and Mommy aren’t there.”

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