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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

 hspace=After our hiatus from travel in February, March proved to be full of trips, work and pleasure. Trent’s parents visited us and while Fran, Brayden, and I hung out, Trent and his dad installed new tile floors in our master bathroom. They did an excellent job and it is much improved from the linoleum that was there prior. I took a business trip to San Diego, which went well and the next week, we all flew to St. Pete and spent a long (and much needed), relaxing weekend with Mimi and Dadaw. We had a blast there, as always, and I think between that trip and San Diego (in 10 days), I gained about five pounds…oops. Trent and Brayden spent a lot of time in their pool and we had our fair share of ice cream and delicious meals. Trent and Brayden headed back home and I stayed in Tampa for yet another business trip.

Then, it was off to Charleston for the annual Cooper River Bridge Run with a group of friends: the Mantaks, Bryans, Carltons, and Skillmans. Trent beat his time from last year and completed the race in 57 minutes. I beat my time (yes, I raced 20 weeks prego) from two years ago by three minutes (1 hour, 23 minutes). I actually could’ve ran the entire thing, but there is this wonderful little being bouncing up and down on my bladder with each stride, so needless to say, I knew that if I picked up the pace any faster that I would pee all over the place (sorry for the imagery, but I’m being honest). Next year I’ll be back to around one hour…guaranteed. Trent and I love Charleston and had such a great time with our good friends, laughing and enjoying a respite from the kids. Brayden started playing soccer once again, while Trent continued with it, and I signed up for another prenatal yoga class. Our best friends, the Mazzolas, welcome baby Chase into the world on March 10, and he is so precious. I know he and little Bee-Boo will be good buddies.

In other news, we had our ultrasound (21/22 weeks) and everything with our Little Bean was completely healthy (AFP, etc.). The ultrasound technician kept saying how healthy the baby was and how excited she was just witnessing that! Then, we learned that we are having another GIRL!!! We are so thrilled and of course, so is Brayden. When the tech told us all it was a girl (we took Brayden with us), Brayden was excited but had a look on her face like, “Duh, I’ve been telling you guys that we are having a baby girl forever!” We couldn’t be happier! Our due date is still August 6, but baby is measuring August 10 (really, it’s a two-week window before the due date). Just in time for football season! So, we are thinking pink once again and already planning for two weddings (it’s never too early to start saving). Trent will now be even more outnumbered, but he is the best dad EVER, and I can’t wait to watch him hold another baby girl. He is already thinking ahead to how he is going to manage all of us and where he can build his “man cave.” Brayden already refers to our house as having four girls (Becca, Brayden, Bee-Boo, Indiana) and two boys (Trent, Peapod)…estrogen filled!

Brayden continuously talks to Bee-Boo via my belly button, gives her hugs and kisses each night at bedtime, and even makes her “pretend” food from her kitchen. It is obvious how excited she is to have a baby sister and I can’t wait to watch them play together (and even argue). Brayden has said some pretty hilarious things this month. When you ask her if she took a nap at school, if she hasn’t, she looks at you, shakes her finger, and says, “I don’t know about that.” She also says “puh-reet” instead of “repeat”, and cracks up laughing if you say the same thing she says or vice versa: “Hey, mama and daddy, you pah-reet me because you said what I said after me.”

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