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Brayden is Three-Month’s Old

Three-Month's OldIt’s been a busy month since the last post. We spent the holidays in Charlotte with Becca’s family and returned to Cary for a long weekend with my family. 

In this month, Brayden has discovered her hands and realized they are super tasty.  She blows bubbles and is constantly drooling in between sporadic cooing.  Tummy time is becoming a bit more enjoyable for her as she can now hold her head quite high for a minute or so.  We laugh when looking at our last post about her sleep schedule thinking six hours was a lot of sleep. Now, Brayden is now sleeping from ~8pm to ~6:30am.

Becca returned to work this week part time until the end of the month which means Brayden started school on Monday.  It’s been a big adjustment for all three (five, counting the dogs) of us but everything seems to be going well.  Brayden’s two great teachers are amazed at her physical strength and alertness.  We receive daily reports which detail the cognitive, social and sensory activities in which Brayden participated.

Also we have uploaded new photos.

Christmas Gallery | January Gallery

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