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Brayden is Seven-Month’s Old!

Brayden at 7 monthsWe have begun teaching Brayden sign language, especially when she is eating her cereal/veggies during the day. We need to start using additional signs since we know she is absorbing things like a sponge. I also began “Aquamoms with Baby” which is a class designed to provide exercise for both moms and babies in a swimming pool. It is such a workout for us both, but is SO much fun. I can tell Brayden really likes the water. In an effort to crawl, Brayden has managed to push herself backward when trying to go after a toy. She doesn’t quite understand why she’s getting further away from it, but it’s movement nonetheless. She is developing quite the little personality and I think that stranger anxiety is starting to set in. She definitely knows who mommy and daddy are. Brayden is also very determined when she is sitting up. She will grab at our fingers and pull herself into a standing position. We can tell she is very proud of herself when she does this because she uses all her might to do it and then smiles/laughs when she stands up. We are probably crazy for encouraging her to be mobile, but it’s so much fun. I think babyproofing the house is just around the corner.

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