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Brayden is Eight-Month’s Old & We’ve Been Busy!

This has been a very active month for little Miss B. She now has two pearly whites on the bottom of her mouth and just this past weekend, she began to wave to everything in sight (plants and windows included)! Each day brings something new and exciting as well. Brayden knows who mama and dada are and will look to each of us when we ask “Where’s mama/dada?” She can say mama/dada, but at this point it is more babble than anything else as she says them sporadically throughout the day. Brayden’s desire for standing outweighs her desire for crawling, but she can do a mean 360° on her tummy! 

We’ve been so busy attending and being in lots of weddings and they are finally drawing to a close. Now, we begin our summer taking beach trips and trips to see family. We just returned from a vacation to visit Brayden’s GREAT grandparents in Florida. In typical new parent fashion, we’ve taken so many photos that we have maxed out our server at home, so we turn to Picasa for hosting them!

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