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Brayden is Nine-Month’s Old!

Brayden at the PoolThis has been a very busy month for us, in part because Miss Brayden is now crawling and makes a beeline straight for the doggie bowls! While she hasn’t mastered her speed yet, we are constantly keeping our eye on her! She now stands up in her crib as well (we are thankful this happened a few days after we had lowered her crib for the second time). Brayden has perfected waving as well, although it has gone through an evolution from a “Go Wolfpack” hand gesture to something more along the lines of “raise the roof.” We have introduced meats to her diet, including the delectable-sounding “Macaroni & Beef with Veggies” (yes, all of that goodness in one jar-yuck!). She had her nine-month checkup yesterday and here were her stats: weight: 16 pounds., 13 ounces (12%), height: 27.5″ (39%), and head circumference: 17.5″ (59%). I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Hopefully she won’t have a problem finding hats that fit (like her daddy). HA!

It’s been a hot summer, but we’ve enjoyed the past month by spending a long weekend in the Outer Banks with friends, attending some cookouts/playgroups, and visiting with family. The next month has a lot in store as well.

As usual, we have turned into the paparazzi:

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